Profession Butler

Worthy work. All we have ideas preconceived on the butlers and the duty that the butlers carry out In Literature and the cinema is grown personages, characterized almost always like English, captivates to the hearings thanks to their intelligent humor, their boldness and shrewdness keeps awake mysteries or plans a great crime. In the real life we are discreet and showy, prudent and little helpful as it demands the office, this point is extraordinarily important, since serving is not due to confuse, with being servile, (Of the Latin servilis) this last one, to be flattering, enslaved, submissive or to understand to us, Ball better. The fundamental difference is based in which a good butler serves, but is not servile. We made responsible to offer good service possible and at the same time, (the people that we developed this work), we enjoyed the same.

(Some of the most usual and common matters, that all good Butler must dominate perfectly) The Protocol. The Treatments. The most usual and correct schedules for the different types from meetings and events, (Coffee, Appetizer, Tea, Dinner, Dances, Picnic, teas, barbecues, cocktail, Distribution of guests (English or French System), Put in System, Simple System or in line. (in my page of protocol, it will find you ample references of the same) Forms on watch of tables. Service to the French: Service to the English: Service to the Russian or with auxiliary table: The one of bell, Service of Snack Bar. Service of Buffet.

Brunch. The cocktail. Lunch. The Warehouse. The wine needs to be maintained a clean, dark, humid place with good ventilation, where it can rest to a constant temperature. TEMPERATURE. HUMIDITY. The DARK. CALM. CLEANING, VENTILATION and ANGLE OF the STORAGE. Pure habano. Pretium has compatible beliefs. The ignition. The technique of the ignition. What to do if the pure one goes out. The utensils of the ignition. The matches. The special lighters etc.etc. It must be familiarized and to know of the Smoking, the Chaqu, the Spencer, the Frac, the formal dress and average labels. To know of Shirts and necks, English Neck. Italian neck. Buttoned neck. Neck pin. Detachable neck. Of the feminine basic locker. Suit at night. Suits of jacket and cocktail dresses and complements. Formal clothes. Informal clothes. Sport clothes of Shoes. The shoes like one leave essential from masculine clothes as as much feminine. And essentially it will have to apply a simple one and simple rule, (comprehensible for everybody), this is, Formula R.E.S. = Respect, Education and common Sense. in these three concepts the essence fundamental keeps to develop in society. Regarding the above and in summary, I conclude saying that the profession of Butler, already for enough years it has not been a relic of black novels, but this one, continues being a present profession and of first level. If you wish to know or to contribute to some question ” with certeza” enriching for my, cmpleme to indicate my disposition to him towards such aim. Greetings from Sherry of the Border Original author and source of the article.