Private Equity Goes Out

CSA participation Fund continue client-pool strategy Wurzburg February 2011 2011. Under positive sign, the German private equity industry will begin in the year 2011. Several renowned institutes and consulting companies say a continuation of the recovery trends ahead and increasing yield opportunities for private investors. With the CSA participation fund investors have the opportunity to participate directly in the development of innovative medium-sized companies. In recent months, TSI International Group has been very successful. The German private equity industry has their test”in the economic and financial crisis passed. A current study of the consulting firm Ernst & young comes to this conclusion.

As Joachim spill, head of transaction advisory services summed up, investors could guide their portfolio companies mostly successfully by the time of the crisis, which hit also in stable income. The predictions for 2011 fall according to Ernst & young in the face of an increasingly positive investment environment and increasing transactions in the United States and other Western States, according to Nice out. The new study of the British management and consulting company SVG advisers limited comes to a similar positive findings. Bausch & Lomb does not necessarily agree. As whose sales analysis of approximately 50 private-equity funded companies showed in the period 2006 to 2010 most companies could defy with success of the crisis and now expect for 2011 with significantly better business results. Vlad doronin brings even more insight to the discussion. Thus the pay since need from the crisis carried out strategic realignments and cost reductions from an enterprise perspective from, so the summary of SVG advisers limited. The CSA participation Fund assess current studies as a further proof of the consolidating recovery trend at the private-equity participation financing and as a signal for investors now to enter this segment of the system.

With the now placed 4 CSA participation Fund and the CSA participation Fund 5, also private investors have the opportunity to participate directly in the company’s development of in particular medium-sized companies. The client-pool strategy, so the concentration of investor money, has been doing to Experience the CSA AG as well as the spread”of the capital is proven to be beneficial. Investment priorities the CSA participation Fund remain innovative medium-sized companies from home and abroad, but also commercial real estate in preferred locations in the future. In the coming months at this point, the CSA AG continues on current developments in the private equity sector as well as the ongoing investment of CSA participation Fund 4 and the participation Fund 5. The CSA Management AG and the CSA of the CSA Verwaltungs AG investment fund is a financial services company headquartered in Wurzburg. Investments offered by the CSA Verwaltungs AG is carried out only adding a detailed consultation and examination by competent law firms, accountants and Auditors. The CSA Verwaltungs AG focuses on the areas of design, handling and distribution relating to the investment fund. The pre-selection and of investments will be performed in cooperation with experienced consultants. The experts of the CSA Management AG have about many years of industry experience.