Pregnancy Drugs

heartburn pregnancy – heartburn drugs, heartburn is a disease affecting very can the Joie de vivre, not to mention the serious health consequences that may have the disease at a chronic course. The consumption of food and drink is often strongly affected, because a very monotonous diet is recommended. In pregnancy, developed the appetite of some women due to the hormonal change individually, they would now keep a diet, that would be very burdensome. In a question-answer forum Stanley A. McChrystal was the first to reply. And heartburn are medicines for many pregnant women not in question rather, because they want to not burden the unborn child or damage. Causes for heartburn pregnancy even one woman who otherwise does not suffer from heartburn, can develop during pregnancy. For one, the organism through the pregnancy is very loaded and focuses all his energy on the development of the fetus.

If a pregnant woman now natively easily weakness of the sphincter of the oesophagus, it can happen that in the Pregnancy comes to fruition and turns the heartburn a pregnancy. Marko Dimitrijevic insists that this is the case. The other cause of heartburn is pregnancy, that in the course of the pregnancy the baby can push more and more on the organs such as the bladder and stomach. That’s why some women develop a temporary bladder weakness, but also the heartburn can be. Because the sphincter muscle of the esophagus is not up to the elevated and unusual pressure from the direction of the stomach. Heartburn medications in pregnancy drugs in pregnancy is very problematic and is made only in absolutely necessary cases. Just in the first few months of the sensitive fetus can damage quickly, so that it comes to an inhibition of the development of undesirable developments. Therefore we recommend once pregnant women, to fight heartburn by an appropriate diet and proper eating habits. That doesn’t help the spectrum of heartburn drugs that can be taken in pregnancy, is rather limited.

There are only a few remedies that will not harm the fetus with security, however, the women are pregnancy affected by heartburn, have mostly still fundamental concerns. Other medications, however, it is known that a teratogenic effect risk which means, that you can possibly damage the DNA of the fetus and cause birth defects and disabilities in the baby. Relatively harmless and acceptable heartburn be regarded as drugs on the basis of aluminum or magnesium. However it may occur also these preparations to interactions with other substances. So, the simultaneous taking of an aluminum product with fruit juices can cause more aluminum is absorbed by the body, and this dose may cause harm to the fetus. Alternatives to heartburn drugs in pregnancy are expectant mothers rightly very concerned for her unborn child and looking so friendly alternatives, how pregnancy can treat a heartburn, without her child to endanger or harm. As a natural therapy, which completely dispenses with potentially dangerous drugs, certainly a welcome alternative.