Practice Positive Thoughts

Always say what you feel, and make what you think. Gabriel Garcia Marquez the great secret, the internists know but still ignores the public at large, is that everything tends to improve itself. In fact almost everything improves overnight following.-Dr. Lewis Thomas, in The Lives of a Cell we are energy, we are constantly stimulating it with thoughts that lead to act according to its essence, potentiality, more when these are positive, incentive shares that of know them manage, guide, lead to favorable results. Hence, the importance of being awake, attentive to the manner of how we manage our thoughts, as we give you step by those who are highly positive and forces to determine its scope, impact, if these are good in what they intend to achieve. We must be aware of the dynamics of the mind that is in constant motion and producing thoughts, select those that are activated by positive stimuli that do not accept any negativity, that rather than deteriorate the energy load of our physical vehicle the recharging and incentive to achieve favorable results. Not surprising therefore, that say, you have to be attentive in the manifestation of thoughts, because to the not know is them management, determine their potentiality can give way to effects negative in our lives, make us pessimistic, we feel affected mental and physically we can limit or can make us able to reach what we propose, why tellthat the personal world of each is a reflection of what is thought and believed. Our thoughts pte can we can make us feel happy or sad, optimistic or pessimistic, capable or incapable.

Some thoughts can be kind, loving and optimistic, other stressful, limiters, and pessimistic. And latter is the which prevent us from being happy and live fully. It reminds us of enplenitud.