Pocket Bad Place For Mobile

Replacedirect study indicates that high temperatures damage the battery a recent study carried out on behalf of ReplaceDirect, indicates that men are less happy with the endurance of your cell phone batteries than women. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. One of the main explanations is the fact that men often keep their cell phones in your Pocket than women. The high temperatures of the body greatly reduce the performance of a mobile phone. The study showed that 20% of mobile users are bad to moderately satisfied about the battery life of your mobile phone. It is significant in that the number of dissatisfied men (75%) is considerably higher than that of women (25%). The study showed up still that most of the mobile phone users (41%) kept the phone in your pocket.

Another much-used storage place is the handbag (39%). For more information see Drew Houston. In third place comes the jacket (17%). High discontent with the cell phone battery in men can be explained partly as a result, that men your phones in the Insert Pocket as women. But heated on this way the phone on up to 37. Akkuspezialisten long point out that heat is one of the biggest enemies of the batteries: this earlier show wear and tear under influence of heat and can maintain your capacity poorly.

The human body temperature is therefore sufficient enough to make widely non-hazardous chemical reactions in the battery that may adversely affect performance. One consequence of this is a shorter standby time of cell phones. Thanks to storage in handbags, women in this respect reasonable deal with your mobile phones. ReplaceDirect can therefore only recommend men to use a cooler location than the Pocket for cell phones. Furthermore, previous studies have mentioned sterility in connection with the wearing of the phones in your pocket in men. So, there are sufficient reasons to keep, e.g. in the pocket or belt bag his cell phone somewhere else as directly on the body. Klaudija Paunovic