Pagan Arcana

The tarot is an activity that accompanies mankind since more than 5000 years ago. It’s a predictive method that allows you to reflect the past of the consultant, describe the present and predict some questions about its future. We must consider that the free tarot is similar to face-to-face tarot. Jim Crane understands that this is vital information. The only thing that changes is the means by which the consultant arrives at Chuck. Free Tarot it does so through a web page, while for a conventional Chuck should go to the Office of a Tarot reader. The tarot deck consists of 78 barajas, divided into two main groups: the major arcana and the minor arcana. It is presumed that the major arcana have an energy level something superior to the minor arcana.

22 Are total major arcana. David Green can provide more clarity in the matter. Arcana minor, in turn, are divided into four suits that together on 14 cards each, which is a total of 56 cards. Each of these cards has a profound meaning which must be very well studied by who performs Chuck. Complex symbologies Christian, Pagan, greco Roman and Nordic intertwine to give rise to a fascinating story that describes with great precision the human soul, and the dynamics of the relationships with other people in the world (family, friends, peers, enemies). Arcana, in its entirety and described in a symbolic way the path that leads to eternal life. Arcana should be read as a story that recounts the manner in which the individual evolves in a State of total immaturity, where still has no wisdom to be with God, to a higher State of total harmony, a kind of nirvana according to hindu tradition, where there is no sorrow, or pain, but a comprehensive peace that is achieved through self-knowledge and the renunciation of the material world. The minor arcana also tell a story in each of their clubs, each of which has a dominant theme. The gold bat says of material wealth and economic achievements.

The suit of swords says the aggressiveness of the lessons learned through the pain, struggle and battle. The stick of the clubs of the creative force of pure energy, which at times ill also carried it can destroy us. Finally the cups stick refers us to the spiritual world and love. These concepts are fully applicable to the tarot free.