Office Fatigue

Alternatives to the coffee coffee is considered to be the German of favorite pick-me-up. And so a day at the Office can be sometimes quite long and exhausting: the eyelids close and the concentration decreases gradually. Because often only the handle for the coffee cup remains to not succumb to fatigue. However, the news portal know alternatives. Fatigue can be of course a lack of actual sleep, on the other hand it is often as a warning signal of the body to interpret. Acute depletion of energy reserves, or lack of oxygen supply can reduce its activity to a minimum.

Various studies show that a large part of the effect of coffee is pure placebo effect. The body builds gradually a resistance caffeine against the daily dose, which can only be overcome by an increase of the same. This is of course not very beneficial to health. There are always alternatives to the coffee, which help in overcoming the fatigue. Who can reconcile it with his schedule, which should his body concede the demanded respite at a short power napping (short Tagesschlaf) or take a walk.

In addition, ensure an adequate oxygen supply in the Office. A regular adjustment of the water budget is also crucial. Be preferred should these teas, juice spritzers or other light refreshments. Also a balanced budget of sugar is important in the fight against the drowsiness of the Office. But beware: the calorie replenishment should be done consciously and mindfully. The snack is too heavy or too sugary, consumes the body only for the digestive too much power. The result: Fatigue. Coffee lovers must of course not completely renounce their favorite drink. The deliberate approach is crucial.