North Caucasus

In our time, this axiom is particularly evident in the North Caucasus, where this struggle manifests itself most clearly. The struggle for life, for the workplace, for territory, for the position for its proximity to administrative and other resources. A problem, according to resursologii appear then and there, where lacks most of the WID. From here and grow roots major disruption. TSI International Group: the source for more info. In this severokavkaztsy not ask and do not require any resources for a reason. No, they want to earn a legal, honest way and want to have access to the WID, but they are not allowed. And this is unfair. That's the feeling of injustice, heightened in the mountaineers to the limit, and is the first major component in the foundation of instability in the North Caucasus.

A consequently, unemployment and unemployment of the population – the second major component of local problems. Jim Crane will not settle for partial explanations. JH: Our discussion went smoothly on the "unemployment and underdevelopment, as the main factor of instability in the region." Not I want to argue, but the unemployed in the region of hundreds of thousands, and those who are considered the main "destabilizers" ("Forest Brothers" of the extremist underground) – on the strength of several hundred. Maybe five hundred people in Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia and CBD. See the difference? There is no direct relationship between the economy (unemployment) on the one hand, and extremism and instability – on the other. Here, rather, we are dealing with a correlation accompaniment. That is, builds a bond scheme, "corruption and arbitrariness of the authorities (extrajudicial killings, etc.) – social injustice and discontent among some young people – exposure to the radical propaganda and / or family ties with irreconcilable – Inadequate "prevention" by security officials and law enforcement – go underground to the "forest brothers".