Namorar Day

All day is day of namorar! Perhaps the love needs a date so that it is not forgotten. The love does not live simply of calendars, it if it shows each more alive time when boyfriends change love oaths and divide the same dreams. Loving they remember with kisses and abraos that the love still is in fashion, that it is dressed with exchange of looks and warm afagos. (Similarly see: Dropbox). For the esquinas, inside of cars, in the room or any place, the love if shows explicit and with the force of its emotions. The moon, untied and alone illuminates those that live leaving to arder its hearts and the stars blink as who applauds the spectacle of the bodies if involving.

Perhaps the love has changed its form of if delivering, but never the force of its feelings, because if ' ' ficar' ' it is the verb of the fashion, the love at this small moment can be intense and perpetual; the infinite while he lasts as the poet said wisely. The love does not need to receive jewels pra to know that he is valoroso and nor flowers pra to remember to it that is romantic, the necessary love is to be lighted daily with attention that it needs. It needs to be watered with words candies, to be acarinhado with all emotion and why not one ' ' I you amo' ' it are of hour, pra to catch in the scare and to make a surprise for the heart. Who does not have definitive day pra knows to love, therefore the love in these hearts beats and arde the all instant, keeping lighted the flame of the passion. The day of the boyfriends nothing more is that one will detail for the love, therefore in the truth between four walls the love commemorates its day constantly. However still it has those that need to be remembered that love I I can be said you the all instant, but the heart in this hour is who must say. All day is day of namorar and if commemorating the love.