And then I would like to make Yes also not claim claim, knowing everything, which means that it is well possible that there are other ways unknown to me which allow the experience of conscious oneness. Anyway, always the same things are required for the forms of familiar to me. These are to the one a basic vibration, an atmosphere of trust and appreciation and a jar of consciousness, where you met each other in a loving way. And on the other hand the resolution of apparent opposites such as activity and Passivitat, whose simultaneous Vorhandensein has a vorbereitenden, auslosenden before merging effect. We need to combine with each other already certain basic elements, on the one hand to allow the process of a chain reaction which in ever more intensive experience of oneness runs, and on the other hand ultimately trigger the reaction as solches. These fundamental elements are as follows as already just mentioned first time activity and passivity. Where no mention here of an activity, which underlies zest, restlessness, and performance, and not by a passivity, which we have learned all too often as inaction, inertia or total motion stop.

In this case, it is rather a Einbringen of one LiebeVollen activity, meanwhile, let not our reason to control the movement, but the let us move in gewisser way through our heart. And the concurrent active”are our passive qualities, which are mainly Empfanglichkeit, relaxation and dedication and the willful act of letting go. Read more here: Yael Aflalo. There is the tension and the Entspanntsein, the effort and the Muhelosigkeit remain, to mention the strength and softness, which should be present in a divine wedding here at the same time. This practically several us common contrast are pairs that are incompatible with each other in the dualistic perspective; which we but together have reconcile in an act of loving Association, to the inner fire, allowing the merger to reignite. As sexual beings, we are able at any time to ourselves in this vibration of the sexuality of love, is what Immerwahrende basic vibration and only our conscious decision is required, to perceive it and consciously participate in it. And if this also admitted not just simply is, so it’s achievable but but also not impossible, and with a certain degree of willingness and support internal divine guidance. This merge, to be, to become aware of the oneness with everything is potentially accessible at any time, if those criteria are met, anywhere, even if we know it but very rarely. Now, I want to finish this theme with a picture which simple and an infinitely complex way symbolizes the moment of communion on one in my opinion. A picture of the meditation, the quiet betrachtung which can GEwahren us deep insight into the nature of sexuality. And this is the image of the Lance, which dives into the Holy Grail.