Greater Productivity

The whole is more than the sum of its parts the times have changed, before is it taught us to develop our capacity for thought, today by the circumstances of constant change in the labour market and in all areas where we operate is necessary that new generations are capable of: not only learn if not apply it and this implies the need for help from others and causes the formation of working teams. To achieve the proper formation of a task force it is necessary to know its characteristics and the benefits that brings the teamwork to the organization. We have the mistaken idea that formed part of a group this a team makes it and is not. A group is a set of people who meet for some reason already to be social or some other reason. Sometimes more members of a group are not known and may not have good communication between them.

What hinders the achievement of your goals if you have them. In my experience in teaching in secondary schools I can say that the work in the groups is not teamwork, students have great difficulty to perform work on computer, they prefer to work individually. The reasons are: the difference in the interest of each one of them to get the job done, different levels of responsibility, the Organization of the time and the work of each of them. One of the reasons that can be observed is the inexperienced students to work this way, it is necessary to maintain the practice of work on computer and increase it every day to promote this work. Another problem that I noticed is the low commitment of teachers for teamwork between them, which translates into a group of teachers who work individually, do not share information even those who belong to a same Academy or subject area, the results can be seen from the level of achievement in students by the lack of consistency in the direction of these. Donald Mullen gathered all the information.