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In Cuba shot two of the five planned episodes of the film History of Revolution (A working day and Grooms). The two episodes shot, together with New Year, by Jorge Fraga, compose the film Cuba 58 (1962), one of the most significant of the new Cuban cinema. Back to Mexico with his wife Maria Luisa Bernal-Elio Pamplona native and author of the original idea of autobiographical roots, “and with the collaboration of Emilio Garcia Riera (ibicense exile) wrote the screenplay for On the empty balcony, its most important work. The film about the Spanish a killed in the exilioa , described in intimate tone and pathetic to After the experiences and memories of Gabriela (Maria Luisa Elio), evoking his childhood and the sudden outbreak of the Spanish war in their lives, seven years old. Recreating the subjectivity of a fragmentary perceptions (the sudden disappearance of the father, the flight through a forest from the Republican Nationalist Spain, news of the shooting of the father, the family arrived in southern France and exile to Mexico .) On the empty balcony won the Prix de la Critique Locarno Festival and Giano d’Oro in the Latin American Film Festival on Sestri-Levante.

Gasco Garcia could not extend this valuable experience and was then forced to work as advertising filmmaker. The laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez spent most internationally recognized his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude to marriage, with this simple inscription: a jomi Ascot and Maria Luisa Garcia Elio . a Garcia Ascot also published several essays: Roger von Gunten (1978), Erotic. Love poetry in Castilian (1980), with the music in you (1982), collection of articles and three painters: Pablo Amor, Oscar Gabriel Gutman and Mascotela (1987). Finally, we quote his novel Death begins in Polanco (1987). And as the poet said Hispanic-Mexican: a The exile is immense, the plain / where the sun bounces, the distance / between the chest and the air. / And now here we look lost our house / our distant Europe. We look over / and the balcony, as the cloud blancae .

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