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DCM launches third solar fund with ‘ 9-roofs-stock portfolio’ on ALDI logistics centres that in Munich-based Emissionshaus DCM AG continues with the DCM energy GmbH & co. solar 3 KG on the success of its first solar Fund and invested in nine selected photovoltaic roofs German ALDI logistics centres. Three of the sites are already in operation and supply power, the other will go as planned 2009 network. All plants are acquired by the Fund after completion and acceptance no later than January 2010. A term is over 20 years, with a single termination right after the twelfth year.

The legally guaranteed German feed-in tariff (EEG 2009) over 20 years using the DCM solar 3 KG. For this period are also effective lease contracts. The current distributions of the Fund lie between 6 and 30 percent per year, the initial distribution is 13 percent in 2010. The total return over the life of the Fund over 204 percent including the return of the deposit. The latest offering in the photovoltaic sector, from the House of DCM has placed equity of 8.6 million euros.

A participation is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. Debt financing through a German bank is covered at the level of the project companies or pledged. Instrumental for the acquisition of each plant is a detailed set of criteria, for example forcing two earnings reports by the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE and meteocontrol as well as calls for the use of high-quality crystalline solar modules and inverters. A comprehensive quality assurance package of Fraunhofer ISE is also prescribed for the operation. Construction, ongoing maintenance and decommissioning or recycling the equipment the Pohlen acquires group after the end of term. This guarantees utmost investment safety. The portfolio of fixed assets, the proven partners, as well as the clearly formulated investment criteria in conjunction with the law regulated feed-in tariff 3 for long-term, ecologically-generated cash flows are at the DCM solar Fund. Make interesting this Fund for a large target group of investors, who just are looking for a high investment security at attractive yields”, says Claus Hermuth as Chairman of DCM AG.