Eurasian Economic Community

If you would have done so, it would mean the establishment of channels of commercial bank lending by money from productive enterprises. To do this, do not give out bank loans and sell them at auction on interbank market, and expand the list of collateral securities that are accepted securities as collateral under the refinancing of commercial banks, including back at least 5,000 manufacturing firms, including corporation, that is, all the big businesses that are creditworthy and can thrive in the current credit crisis. This requires that the Bank of qualifications, which he apparently does not have. In this case, loans would go through the commercial banks in the real sector. ” (21/10/2008).

8. Glazyev said: “We must understand that this crisis will last several years. Maybe three, maybe five years, until the new technological order is not will pull the global economy. ” (10/23/2008). He also proposes to abolish vat altogether.

I will allow myself to express the opinion that this person understands what he says. I’ve long been following his activities, familiar with such documents, relating to the subject as “Crisis Opportunities” (22/11/2008) and “Possibilities and limitations of techno-economic development of Russia in terms of structural changes in the global economy (24/12/2008). The latter document made on me special impression. Highly recommend reading it to colleagues interested in the world of macro-and micro-economy. We can not say that the opinion Glazyev on the current crisis remains not noticed.