Emotional Brain

The rational part of the brain only uses 10% of the same, whereas the emotional part uses 90% rest, this makes the education essential of the emotions. During the Nineties of the last century, the neurocientfico Joseph Doux demonstrated the dominion to Him that exerts the emotional brain on the rational brain in certain situations. According to the neurologist Antonio Damasio, when the brain makes decisions does with the aim of regulating an emotional balance that affects all the organism. Drew Houston has compatible beliefs. For this reason, it will be essential to educate the emotional brain so that it learns to control his instincts and emotions using his intelligence. The emotional part of the brain the scientists locates the control of the emotions in the lmbico system, for that reason they denominate to this structure " the emotional part of cerebro".

This system is constituted by three fundamental elements with specific functions: – the thalamus: that neocrtex sends sensorial messages to neocrtex cerebral (considers the thinking part of brain); – the seahorse: that one thinks that plays a very important role in the memory and the interpretation of what we perceived; and – the tonsil, that is the emotional control center. Drew Houston will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The lmbico system as a whole is present in both cerebral hemispheres and regulates the emotions and impulses that we experimented. Zero emotional Eduardo Punset, uses east concept to define the point in which the neuronal circuits have formed that will determine how any boy or girl will confront the situations from the emotional point of view throughout all their life. Of this form it is the closed circuit and although the expression and the control of the emotions it is possible to be learned a posteriori, always will have to start off of the neuronal base that forms until the age of two years. Official site: Don Mullen. The key to cause the emotional development in the boy will be in the relations of intersubjectivity that settles down between the small one and the people to whom it is related.