Creative More Than 9 Square Meters Also!

AWK realized three-dimensional-looking special implementation at the POS for the customers of Romina EiszeitQuell. Far more than it suggests the classic advertising assignment in potential out-of-home media. Kaihan Krippendorff is a great source of information. Especially the large area is flexible and offers creative leeway. The current poster campaign of customer Romina provides evidence of mineral water for the brand EiszeitQuell, which was used by the Agency kinetic Munich and the awk outdoor advertising GmbH strong impression in scene. With this campaign we have exploited the full potential of a large area and increase the attention factor to a very simple idea,”it brings Meike rad, responsible for the marketing of EiszeitQuell, to the point. The awk outdoor advertising GmbH realized willingly desire after this special implementation, which was used as a concomitant mainly directly at the POS to classic large-format ads and city-light posters,: we support our customers in the conceptual and creative implementation.

Us is the mark keen very, and to experience the product at the point of sale “, says Carsten Ehling, sales of head of and marketing of awk. The two-dimensional bottle body was implemented only on selected awk-18/1-faces at the POS in addition to increase the awareness to improve also the sales. The EiszeitQuell concept is based on a unique product promises. The mineral water is absolutely protected from any contamination due to a geological feature since the last ice age, which was about 10,000 years ago to end, by a water-impermeable layer of rock and not taking part in the water circulation near-surface. Therefore, the usual negative traces of civilization such as for example pesticide – and hormone residues, but also nitrates and nitrites are not detectable in the product. The customer has aspired to the further expansion of the young brand EiszeitQuell with successive expansion of the commercial area with the campaign, which was flanked by newspapers and radio. In particular in the areas of Northern Wurttemberg and Baden, the brand is strengthened be. Experienced and concerted cooperation partners we are able to create attention-grabbing special implementations. Highlights in the context of out-of-home campaign, which convince both quantitatively and qualitatively, definitely represent added value for the customers, adds Carsten Ehling and asks: more creative concepts. Press contact: awk outdoor advertising GmbH Stefanie Probstfeld August-Horch-str. 10A 56070 Koblenz phone: 0261-8092-163 fax: 0261-8092-90-163 E-Mail: Web: