Control Protection

In recent years, fire protection materials, designs and products has become increasingly important in the construction of buildings and structures. In our country, for fire protection are numerous organizations that were license for this activity. However, the quality of fire protection at the sites do not always correspond to modern and current requirements, with the major disorders are directly related to the desire of producers maximize profits. It may be noted the following major weaknesses of the fire protection work: the poor quality of surface preparation designs (products), subject to fire-retardant treatment, which in one way or to some degree affects the adhesion properties of coatings, non-essential consumption rates of the material or thickness of the coating on the treated surface structures (products); violation compounding a flame retardant that automatically may reduce the effectiveness of fire protection and adhesion properties, non-compliance of technical standards in the manufacture of flame retardants rabot.Ukazannye violations involve a reduction in fire resistance of structures, engineering equipment, increasing the fire hazard of materials and products, which generally leads to a mismatch of fire resistance design of structures fire resistance buildings (structures) and the deterioration of facilities for fire safety. All this leads to the need for a quality control system of fire protection. Quality control of fire protection at various sites usually in the following cases: when accepting the objects after fire retardant treatment, the solution of various controversial issues (doubt the quality of work, certainly as applied composition, complaints, complaints, etc.) after a certain period of operation (typically required for sites where fire-retardant treatment took place more than 5 years ago), during the inspection control on the line licensing.