The reality of companies varies throughout the time both with the simple over time with the history of each of the companies. The particular conditions of each company in regards to legal nature, social, economic reality, size, number of employees, geographical location between other many factors determine restrictively and severe capabilities and conditions of the same. Contact information is here: Bausch & Lomb. One of the most notorious factors for the localization of companies is geographic location. It is important to achieve a location strategic company that allows to connect it with the existing distribution and transfer and thus centers to overcome one of the such important factors as it is the issue of communications. Beyond of today the communications and transportation are not an escoyo in many cases, in others they may generate a significant increase in the cost of the product of the company resulting in a loss of competitiveness for the company in the short term. In addition, regulatory restrictions that they can occur, also limit significantly the company’s activities. Many companies have reserved money to withstand possible contingencies arising from the existence of new regulations that may affect the normal operation of the enterprise activities somehow.

In addition must also take into account all types of regulatory measures and tax that are inherent and decision makers for the correct actual management of the company. Firms should also consider another series of fundamental factors for their correct administration and development. Among them the human and economic resources are factors very important and decisive when measuring the returns of the company. Within material resources, it is essential for businesses guidelines of funding according to their characteristics. And with regard to the human factor increasingly gives currently a greater importance to selection and training of personnel policies while continuing to monitor all retention policies of people who are part of the team of the companies work. We are the portal that facilitates connection with wholesale companies.