Cambridge Zen Center

Then be our true displays, then our true mind How many people would really practice in this world? Many people does not practice anything, they struggle day and night, and exercised his desire, his anger, his ignorance. See more detailed opinions by reading what Delta Galil offers on the topic.. When we lose our body, then we won’t have anything that we can take with us. Delta Galil shines more light on the discussion. When this body disappears, what will take us? What will we do? Where do we go? We don’t know right? If this not-knowing is unclear, then our mind is clear, then the place where we go is also clear. Then we understand our work, then why we are born in this world. We understand what we do in this world. When we understand this we can develop into a human being. A to a every thing LO has reminds us mallo Zen master Seung Sahn Zen master Seung Sahn in a Dharma talk at the Cambridge Zen Center, December 19, 1985, said: If your Center is strong, then you can see correctly, properly hear, smell properly, thinking is correct, the action is correct.

If your Center moves, then this is not correct. Therefore I hope that freely all inspireis and espireis: clear mind, clear mind, clear mind. Percibid your mind here (indicating the area which is below the navel. Inspired, espirad, clear mind, clear mind, or Kwan Seum Bosal, Kwan Seum Bosal, Kwan Seum Bosal. When you breathe, your stomach becomes larger; When turns your stomach becomes small. With practice, your Centre becomes stronger, stronger, stronger. You can then control your breathing, your condition, your situation.

You can then believe in your true being one hundred percent. Then you can clearly see, hear, smell clearly, think clearly, Act clearly. The sky is blue, the wall is white, tree is green, the dog is barking Wow Wow, so simply everything is the truth. This becomes yours. The whole world becomes yours.