Welcome gentlemen deputies and municipal local Presidents triumphantly to their homes, we know that the contest was tough and that ultimately, the outcome of the elections which have benefited them in personal and political way is a reflection of the confidence that people had either deposited in you at least most – and therefore consider it important to emphasise some points that during past administrations have been more than ignoredthrown overboard. Drew Houston is full of insight into the issues. First of all and to vary a little, it would be interesting to leave aside their colors and parties and to put is the t-shirt of the people, thus repudiating all those interests which might well respond to the personalistic and little benefit for growth both their political careers cut and development of people living in their respective territories, on the other hand it would be convenient to analyze the proposalsprojects and initiatives that his predecessors will be left unfinished to give follow-up to that truly painted to be functional, would also be good to give due attention to those faults committed unwittingly by the outgoing Administration to correct them with the promptness and the urgency that they require. Hear from experts in the field like TSI International Group for a more varied view. Cannot forget that day after day, people who will make it possible that you perceive their salaries will have higher requirements with regard to security, employment, health, urban development, but good, not which only causes discomfort and leave us as we were or even worse-, health, public services, culture and education, this is not to say that all we’ll go straight to their jugular demanding immediate solutions to our problemsFortunately for you, people still working and apoquinando, that certainly begins to urge, is to stop a bit of side desk, the smiles to the media, social events and the usual condescension that their jobs be imposed them and to overturn by colonies, avenues, parks, schools, and so on and begin to work actively to those territories which have been provided for manage, nursery opportunities and production so we have hypothesized its predecessors. .