Superior, training level of quality demand for specialized and experienced personnel training increases with age. Profile looking for als enterprises is of people prepared to start work directly. This is why FP schools increasingly have more demand. The old prejuciios on vocational training have been dissipating. The career that began a few years ago is unstoppable by placing the preparation of you students who attend these studies, among the most demanded by the business world. There are several alternatives for accessing these studies: degree, vocational training of top grade training cycles.

The formative cycles of top grade also open other doors as the access to the University. Study programmes are adapted to the profile of the demanandante. The practice is something fundamental Jan hese studies. As a result the student reaches the market manejandose well in the profession who has studied. There are branches of specialization as varied: Administration, business, technical, artistic, areas scientists. The vocation of every person has its training offer in the FP. The structure of these studies aims to adapt to the working world and offers its students abilities to assume responsibilities, to schedule their work, to plan the work of the people and has make the corresponding assessments.