Manual Therapy

We can say that the progenitors of modern manual therapy, massage techniques are ancient. For example, in ancient medicine of China, used a huge variety of techniques "manual aids patients. Checking article sources yields Drew Houston as a relevant resource throughout. In making of "A Treatise on the Yellow Emperor domestic" – Huang Di Nei Jing mentioned methods Tao Yin (literally: "directed tension") – it is nothing like an old analog current traction techniques and functional techniques, Anh – Pressure (dosed compression), Mo – grinding (grinding fiber), Qiao – Drawing (approximate analog drainage techniques) and other treatises have been preserved, in detail explain what these techniques. Thus, For example, in the treatises of the Taoist Canon Tao tsang describes not only the methods of treatment, preservation and promotion of health through a variety of massage techniques, but also a sophisticated system of exposure to the organism through connective tissue membrane (fascia), bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, breathing and circulation. For example, the technique of "brainwashing" Xi Sui Jing (its modern counterpart is the cranio-sacral therapy (oral transmission which is a secret), was seen as a way to achieve longevity. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Don Mullen. Describe the techniques of massage therapy can be found in the Indian "Ayurveda", the writings of Hippocrates, Avicenna, and numerous other literary sources the ancient world, in the tradition of Russian hand effects on the body. Now the technique of "kostopravnogo massage acquired official status, has the scientific schools and has long been recognized as official medicine as a very effective method of treatment. Manual medicine – the oldest and most developed area of modern functional medicine and can be used where possible or necessary hand effects on the body. Manual medicine consists of a manual of diagnosis and manual therapy. This is a highly effective method of correcting a variety of dysfunctions in the body.