Your Information

Admitamoslo, the world of nowadays is dangerous; it is not needed more than to go out to find piles of swindlers, attackers and an endless ones of dangers; then these dangers multiply thanks to the anonymity that grants the Internet, but this does not mean that we must be locked in a cave and never to return to have contact with anybody of no form, is only necessary to take a few and very simple precautions to sail surely. It avoids To use Your Name. – In social networks, blogs, virtual worlds etc the best thing is always to use an alias and they do not reveal its true name although they ask it, they exist works or schools where they put to you to make your profile in social networks like facebook, in this case not utilizes your complete name and if it is a class prefers a nickname. Photographies De Perfil. – You can put it but it always prefers something that represents osseous a transformation to you, it takes into account that a photography in that many people esten is always better because it will make more difficult that they identify to you. It takes care of Your Information. – In this life NOTHING is free, nothing, neither the tones for your cellular one, nor the games nor the mega new features, is very common here that people fall in swindles because is made easy give his them number of cellular (movable), after all is not like giving the numbers of its credit card, is not the same but equal they are going to them to still rob money of its credit, with taken care of fixed telephone they are going because them to bother very many (in the best one of the cases) must be a page in which they trust much to give all data him like for example the one of the government of its country. .