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With the Web-based B2B app Builder totallyApp your own iPhone apps, create and publish – as easy as a website builder. Entrepreneurs, tradesmen and freelancers use homepage building blocks to create your own website yourself and maintain. In just a few steps, the design is selected, text and images are uploaded and the website is ready. In accordance with the principle of a homepage construction kit developed the Haase & Martin GmbH the B2B app Builder totallyApp “, with which their own iPhone apps can be created. Online, the Web-based app construction kit is now bilingual in German and English. What is an app? “The term app” is the short form for application”(application translated from English;” “, application”) and referred to in this context an application for smartphones here specially for iPhone and co. iPhone apps app store via the online shop powered by Apple “loaded and installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is similar to application software for the Desktop PC.

Apps are user programs are specifically designed for mobile users and small displays with touchscreen controls. iPhone apps perform very specific functions. There are for example weather apps that display weather forecasts, stock apps that represent current stock quotes, as well as apps to read magazines. A distinction between free and paid applications. Usually paid apps between 0.79 euro move up to 5,99 Euro. Why an app? The company’s own app is the mobile equivalent of the classic Web site. Both app and great”website, is complementary to the holistic online presence of the company. Mobile application and Web site differ from each other because both for two very different display devices are designed and integrate the respective devices hardware specific features. Especially the user behavior is fundamentally different on small smartphone displays with touch-screen operation when compared to the behavior of users on large-sized desktop displays using mouse and keyboard operation.