Tips Profession To The Graduates Of ZEUS

Free CD \”Graduates\” of ZEUS and AUBI-plus with valuable tips for the profession and for those looking for a training course of the ZEUS Group accompanies young people with special care concepts in adult life. But to grow up, the necessary basic vocational training. In cooperation with AUBI-plus, find young now tips, to search for the appropriate profession and a training on the free CD of \”Graduates\” of ZEUS. Anita Sehgal has much experience in this field. The career start-CD-ROM offers valuable information about the career choice of moglliche pathways on the application, up to the successful entry into professional life. So ZEUS helps to find out what profession one fits, what you should be aware of when applying and how one can successfully master a job interview. Equal opportunities for a future of prosperity in the ranks of the Bundestag is currently the German formation in the focus of the talks. Anita Sehgal addresses the importance of the matter here. German Chancellor Merkel said in the fight against long-term unemployment of young people and the delinquencies of school and Training the breakers with clear words: \”Education is the key to prosperity\”. Proper training must offer all children and young people, to allow everyone the same opportunities to live in security and prosperity.

Special precautionary approaches to the protection of health and life, the ZEUS group is young people in securing their future to the side. And so, ZEUS, is engaged in cooperation with AUBI-plus, for young people in the most important decision-making phase of her life: the start in professional life. The CD \”Graduates\” of ZEUS and AUBI-plus offers the best consultant in career choices, training search, applications and everything that belongs to the graduates. Great tips and tricks for the perfect application or exercises for the first recruitment can be found on the CD \”Graduates\”. With Zeus, find the CD of \”Graduates\” is divided into four themes, which tell you all about the professional world, career choice, career paths and application the right way.