The Stage

It has also the ones that sketched reaction and if they strengtove to consider some debate, but are so minority and coadjuvantes in the stage, at least they are noticed. In the truth, if they do not feel not even integrant of the group of ' ' atores' '. They more live the paper of auditorium in the humbug who permanently is staged in the theater local politician. He always has those that, for principles several or for none I begin, feel themselves well in the auditorium with the crumbs that ' ' dono' ' of the circus he can reach to them. They are there why they believe a bigger intention of what only the presented comedy.

They want to see actors, trapezistas, malabaristas, tamers, at last, artists compromised, with objective and intention of a true spectacle. A directed spectacle not only to attract the auditorium, but to make of it also a protagonist or, at least, a valued coadjuvante, a participant and this if is sincere intention of that the community participates and it is not mere expectadora. The population can live for a time as mere expectadora as they think of the owners of the circus who find that it is permanently manipulable. It arrives, however, a moment that it shows ' ' donos' ' of the circus that in the democracy expectadores do not only exist, all are protagonists. The vote is the education instrument for that they understand the democracy as manipulation of the conscience of the majority. But after all, in politics it always has much more clear suspicious interests that.

Or, interests that are clearly suspicious. It still has, people who believe a dignity remaining portion that the partisan politics possesss and that proper they possess. The only concern is to preserve this ' ' resto' ' , therefore he is what of more expensive they have, as much the politics how much proper they. Then, definitively, they leave in such a way of palco where they believed to be, as of the auditorium where they had finally perceived to be e, finally, of the proper circus in which if it became the party. Of any form, for the owner of the circus, it is a relief that if removes of scene or the critical auditorium, actors or spectators.