The all instant the decisions if make necessary, nobody can of them run away, to be who it does not want to live and he is well quiet waiting the wave to pass so that everything continues without nothing to move. If to want to live, to live intensely what the life offers to you, the decisions will be waiting for a reply, that only can be yours and of plus nobody. what to make when these benditas answers they will be capable to change and to turn your life tip the head? Nothing more equal after difficult resolution will be so acclaimed and. worse is that alone it depends on you, nobody on the face of the Land will be able to help you, nobody. See David Karp for more details and insights. This paper is yours. It does not advance to think and to rethink, nothing goes to alliviate or to brighten up the weight of the world that you will feel the feelings on the back of.

Therefore whichever the side that to choose, your life will go to move in as the following one. Or for following in the change of route or for of it not wanting to know, the certainty it is that nothing it will be as before after to have had the option to modify the course of the life. there? As to coexist so great responsibility? How it can be so difficult to decide on the proper life? Life that you judged so well to know and its owner to be. suddenly you start to perceive that the proper one is to become vacant and to slide in the slippery labirnticas ways of the crooked ways of the unconscious one that teima in appearing when less is waited. Worse of it distresses what it to have that to choose, it is distresses not to have it. To be able to choose is a privilege, that exactly painful either. To have the option is always better of what not having it. The difficult is to have the conscience that the squeeze in the chest to suffocate without mercy in search of answers alone can be loosened by you, does not advance to request, does not have as to receive aid, you only have the key of the treasure where so valoroso it meets well.

Already you thought about the hypothesis of that decisions capable to change everything can be desired? Exactly that of unconscious form? When something is asked for, runs the risk to obtain. if cause doubt and are difficult to decide are why it attracts and if it attracts something of fruitful has to have. Case the opposite would not have any relevance, would say and would not in front follow without discomfort some. Happy of who it has the doubt and the option of being able to choose.