Excellent Meeting Hotels Voted The Winners Of The Hotel-Champions League

Hotel in Essen, the Baiersbronner servant Waldhof and the castle of Marbach am Bodensee are the winners of the hotel-Champions-League 2011 Mintrops land. Friedewald, may 10, 2011. Excellent at this year’s annual meeting of the Member houses of the marketing initiative Conference Hotels”, which was recently conducted in Gobels Schlosshotel of Prince of Hesse in Friedewald, named Rudi Neuland, for the first time, the winners of the hotel-Champions League”. “Our members occupy every year of the top places at the other hotel competitions, so that our cooperation is more or less a kind of Champions League of the range ‘ represents ‘, explains the founder of marketing and training initiative excellent conference hotels the uniqueness of the competition for the 1,300 trainers in personal conversations after that were asked how they evaluate the performance of the excellent conference hotels. High power density in the overall assessment of this extraordinarily elaborate practical tests finished Mintrops land Hotel ranks first, just followed by Castle Hotel Eyba and Hotel La Villa. Kaihan Krippendorff often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “In the category Service”, in which care behavior of the hotels was assessed before, during and after a seminar, were Christine and Gernot Marquardt especially pleased, because her servant Waldhof reached most of the points in this section. Kloster HORNBACH Hotel Thuringia followed on the squares 2 and 3. Castle Marbach won in the category of learning environment”, in which the questions on the learning spaces, the range of media and learning-promoting activities of the hotels referred.

“As in the overall assessment and in the category of service” second and third, the Pfalz Hotel Asselheim and bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda, a similar good results as the winner Hotel were also in this section. Continuous optimization in his eulogy showed the coaches survey the main objective Rudi Neuland again. Mark Stevenss opinions are not widely known. It is more important than the awards that our Member homes experienced what they can improve despite their universally recognized skills as excellent conference hotel”, so the experienced Hotel expert, who on this evening the operational business of the Federation on its long-time marketing employee Leszek Skurski handed over. “Only the best of the good initiative of the excellent conference hotels” was founded in 1998 by the industry experts and consultants Rudi Neuland, Fulda,. Now there are 26 houses, which are the entitled, creme de la creme to represent the German range. Trainer, training and Tagungsverantwortliche invite the excellent meeting hotels to test free, stay.

Who can prove a corresponding function and can sure personally on-site by the excellent learning conditions and the exceptional quality of service. On the Internet (www.exzellente-tagungshotels.de) are interested in information about the houses and direct contact to one or to several record hotels, to schedule a test appointment. press contacts: Excellent meeting hotels an initiative of Rudi Neuland consulting GbR by plate corner str. 12 D – 36043 Fulda Tel: + 49 (0) 661 93414-46 Dr. Gestmann & partner Dr. Michael Gandhi Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

Holiday Travel

So the straws on the vacation island go out… Dropbox may also support this cause. It’s been crazy. We are in the middle of the winter, the fur hat is our constant companion and yet many families plan their summer vacation now in the winter. As how it came to this development and why so many people have been so many months in advance book your summer holiday in winter naturally arises the question? There is really an exciting employment as rolling travel catalogues. With its huge selection of travel agents, the Reisehungrige easily loses the overview and the patience. Compare prices and weigh up travel deals is a struggle and no fun.

Also the tour operators know that. But still it applies to the travel company, to back up the largest market share at an early stage. It’s a bit like how with the Easter Bunny, who conquer the supermarkets shortly after Christmas. Which manufacturer has first sold his Easter Bunny, snatch the competitor sales. Because it is as safe as the Amen in Church, the customers are the Justices buy, the question is just, when and from which manufacturer. Which manufacturer here has the taster’s nose forward and sold the most Easter Bunny? Who first come and first planted his chocolate bunnies in the supermarket assortment, which sold even the most Easter Bunny. A similar seasonal rhythm has formed in the last years also for posting of annual leave. Is fixed, families with school-age children can make holiday only during statutory holidays.

For the tour operator, this is good clientele, because it is predictable. The school holidays dates are fixed also very early on. Tour operators start already during the winter months with large advertising campaigns, to insure the largest market share of family travel. To be considered here, the motto seems the louder the better”. The campaigns have clearly families with children as a target group. Because for many Reisehungrige, it is almost impossible to plan so far in advance and on a holiday destination or a Holiday period to set. This target group but rather falls back offers on the last minute. But families can go at any other time in the holidays than to statutory school holidays. Therefore, the travel companies lure already in midwinter with lucrative early Book discount. That which should sweeten early planning. This instrument for acquiring customers has proven itself for the travel company in many ways. A majority of travel quotas may be sold in this way well before the start of the season. And the quotas that were not sold, can be rejected at an early stage and resold to other travel companies. Once the majority of the quotas of the holiday was sold, the sooner all other suppliers with detailed planning for the holiday season can start. It orders for drinks or for example, straws can be placed early to the dealer or manufacturer. Because it underestimated the required logistics for the holiday regions. Most islands have to provide reliable supplier relations and logistics routes. Fresh food and sufficient staff should be in time and in sufficient quantity at your holiday location available. Makes sense early booking therefore for many industries really, not only for the families with children.

Hotel Holiday

Vacations with the family is a lot of fun and does not necessarily mean stress in Germany vacation – with children in the hotel most of the time the children are the pride and joy of their parents. To keep this easy yet not everyone. Kids great and fight sometimes so loud that MOM and dad are looking for holidays. For holidays with children parents need to plan a lot. A leading source for info: Kaihan Krippendorff . Since it is not too far to travel and to spend the holidays in Germany. Who wants to go with children in the hotel, should choose a family friendly hotel. Employment if decide families for the holiday in Germany, has the advantage not too long to schedule travel time during the trip.

Children are often cranky on the ride, which is why it is recommended to provide necessary entertainment. With a few card games or ICH-see what what you can’t see, time flies right much faster. The typical sentence when we’re there”will be therefore perhaps slightly less. Children’s hotel for fun and relaxation of the Family, a children’s hotel is the ideal solution for couples with children. There is childcare facilities for children, so that they can have their fun while MOM and dad enjoy a dip in the pool. Most of the time many children are represented in a family hotel, thus the small contacts can close and find new friends.

Another advantage of children’s hotels is the food for the little ones. There are many menus which especially healthy and delicious taste, there. Some children hotels in Germany, parents can prepare even the food to their babies and get provided everything necessary for it. Still are often very large hotel rooms available, or a separate children’s room, wherein the small demand can reside. And if parents will need the love children of qualified staff time for togetherness. Tip: a family vacation at the Moselle is especially beautiful. Wonderful tours with the children through the vineyards offer freshness and Experience fun for everyone.

On The Camino Primitivo Santiago

The oldest way of St. James in Spain is still unknown of the way of St. James is on everyone’s lips especially in Germany. In particular the Spanish Camino is mostly in the conversation. Visit Drew Houston for more clarity on the issue. The main way in Spain is the so-called Camino Frances or even French way, which winds from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia through northern Spain. Here, the highest volume of pilgrims is probably increasing.

But next to the Camino Frances, there are a number of still more ways of Saint James in Spain, who all have the goal of Santiago. The Camino Primitivo quite little is known. Is the least aware that this route since then, considered the oldest Pilgrim’s way in all Spain. Records to follow, this route was used by pilgrims in the 9th and 10th century. Stages of the Camino Primitivo: the most important stages along the Camino Primitivos are probably the following: Oviedo Grado Sala Tineo Pola de Allande La Mesa Grandas de Salime Fonsagrada Lugo Palas de REI-Arzua Santiago de Compostela.

Wegbeschaffenheitdes Camino Primitivo: The Camino Primitivo is considered quite challenging Variant of way of St. James. For cyclists, the route is more likely to recommend less. Hikers should have at least a little hiking experience and sturdy footwear. Real mountains and peaks, there is no route, yet it goes steadily up and down through the hills of Northern Spain. The way marks were fairly well maintained in recent years so that the pilgrims without a card may well find their way. Scenic route is very scenic. The trail leads through beautiful old stone villages, wooded hills and green nature. Hiking the Camino Primitivo is very varied and donates a very authentic experience of the way of St. James. Contrary to the main way we encounter here only once in a while other pilgrims, so that you can walk in peace.

I Am Then Get Away – Not Keen On The Pilgrims Polonaise

The year 2010 is an another so-called ‘ Holy year ‘. Pilgrims on the way of St. James up to 70% more pilgrims than in the previous year the Compostelan Holy year always then celebrated, if July 25, which is the name day of St. James the Apostle, on a Sunday. The next Holy year will be first again 2021.

And because the Holy Year pilgrims around the world is something very special, it is on the main route, the Camino Frances, to a new phenomenon: the Pilgrim Polonaise. Since Hape Kerkeling with his book I’m away”has encouraged millions of German hikers to the pilgrims, increasing the annual number of pilgrims on steadily by approximately 10% per year. In this Holy year 2010 expected about 150,000 pilgrims on the Camino alone with an increase of up to 70% compared to the previous year 2009, in which de Santiago in Spain, on the traditional Jakobusweg, were on their way. As an alternative to the main route, there is the possibility the auxiliary routes, to make the pilgrimage of the Camino via de la Plata or the Camino del Norte. Here, the infrastructure is not so well but for that one can hear the Pilgrim’s way and feel also in the Holy year. Who would like to do not even on the road, has the opportunity, the 1000 km on the 1000th way”to live in the eponymous book by the Publishing House of Camino. The author Werner Jakob already reported every day of his six-week journey to Santiago de Compostela, where he was accompanied by a mysterious Spanish pond with humor and emotion. 1000 kilometres towards 1000th”paperback 263 pages with 66 photos published by Camino live under the ISBN 9783000239700 at the price of price EUR 14.90. For more information, see or in bookstores.

Holidays In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

You should look to short presentation of the most beautiful holiday country – holiday in Mecklenburg Vorpommern in search of your next holiday destination in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The popular holiday destinations in the Mecklenburg Lake District or the Mecklenburg Switzerland, the islands of Rugen, Usedom, Hiddensee and Poel or directly on the coast in one of the many beautiful seaside resorts of the East invite you to relax and linger. Here you can find popular what the holidaymaker’s heart. Endless sandy beaches, open fields and meadows, quaint forests, rivers and Lakes abound and much more. Whether for hikers, Radfaher, rider, or just plain lazy, for a holiday in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania becoming a suitable target can be found. But Mecklenburg-Vorpommern not only nature, but also abundant culture has to offer.

There were for example the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which can be heard in various festivals across the country each year. Or the maritime events, which every year attract thousands of visitors. Above all the Hanse Sail, which since reunification takes place and is visited by about one million guests each year. But also the Muritz sail, Warnemunde week and other maritime events are well worth a visit. Of course also the Museumsganger of you to come.

Museums of many subject areas invite you to amaze. For example, the cultural-historical museums in Rostock and Stralsund, or the State Museum Schwerin. Also many more destinations and leisure facilities offer fun and variety during your holiday in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Especially this worth a visit in the four leading worlds in MV. These include the Rostock Zoo, the Muritzeum in Waren (Muritz), the Ozeaneum in Stralsund and the National Park Centre Konigsstuhl in the Jasmund National Park on the island of Rugen. If you want to – spend the most beautiful days of the year alone or with the family Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offers everything you are looking for. Enjoy your holidays in a small and cosy apartment, a family pension in the cheap Youth hostels or spend at one of the many hotels in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Particularly interesting are also the many lovingly decorated castles and manor houses, in which numerous accommodations can be found. From simple accommodations to the 5-star luxury accommodations you will find in MV the whole range of hosts. Indulge all around and enjoy your stay in the holiday region number one Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Press contact: MV-Travel.de owner: Michael Wanleng Wachtlerstr 17 18119 Warnemunde Tel: 0381 / 202 55 17 fax: 0381 / 510 63 11

Attractive Destinations In Germany For Families

New: treetop path in the National Park Bavarian Forest Neuschonau (tvo). The longest treetop path in the world was opened in early September in the Bavarian Forest National Park. It has a length of 1,300 meters. The visitors walk at a height of 8 to 25 meters above the forest floor in untouched nature. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Karp offers on the topic.. Highlight of the path constructed mainly from wood is a 44 meter high tree Tower, opened a breathtaking view of the area around Lusen 1,373 metres high.

The wooden tower was built around three old, up to 38 meters high firs and beech trees. You get a wavy ramp inside upstairs, lays back for about 500 meters. It offers unique insights into life and the development of the three giants. From the root area to the crowns, seen countless life forms; Mosses, insects, small animals and birds can be observed from a unique perspective. The treetop path is located in the vicinity of the national park information centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus and the animal exhibition grounds. The starting point is to the parking lot of the animal-free site. Through an initial storm with elevator, also wheelchair, elderly people and parents with prams have access easily.

With its maximum gradient of two to six percent provides the path that a comfortable ascent is possible. The wood golf course built on stilts is carefully integrated into the magnificent mountain woodland. Seven stations with rope and wobbly bridges, Trapezes and balancing beams were integrated for the especially adventurous.