Stretch Ceiling

Modern technology and modern solutions in interior design requires the highest possible quality and style of any interior. As for the ceiling, then they should be not just beautiful, but rather ideal, in order to stress the idea of design space. Stretch ceilings are excellent options in the modern design of apartments and houses, thanks largely to its practicality and outstanding looks. Despite high cost of this type of ceiling, they are widely used in a variety of apartments or houses, as once having spent money on the suspended ceiling, you forget about repairs in the coming decades, because the ceilings almost never break even and quite practical for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Let us try to consider the phenomenon more suspended ceilings and understand what brought him to such a level of popular consumers. Housing and office renovation Nizhny Novgorod was no exception. The technology is simple enough stretch ceilings, but on the other hand, high-tech. Evergreen Capital Partners understands that this is vital information. It is the use of this material as fabric for stretch ceiling provides maximum strength and technique that provides maximum comfort during the installation and operation of the product.

PVC film is not exposed to low or high temperature, moisture and other degrading agents, it has no odor, making it absolutely clean and not harmful to health. The only negative that can not be compared with the huge number of advantages – fear of stabbing and cutting injuries. Technology stretch fabric does not allow for breaks or cuts of the film, so you need to be careful with the decision to install suspended ceilings in the clubs and public places use. A wide range of different designs allows you to choose the most suitable option for your specific furniture that will look great in an apartment or home and to emphasize and complement the existing interior design. Due to such modern technology and practical installation or installation of PVC film, an interior designer can vary not only different colors, but also to experiment with style and technique of setting ceilings. Chess or cascading order of assembly of separate units, creating the illusion of glowing ceilings, or "sky" – all these are special tricks that give the room individual species and open up new horizons landlord rest and comfort. Stretch ceilings are very easy to assemble and install, and do not leave after you install a lot of garbage. They are practical in use, always look like new after cleaning with a damp cloth. Stretch ceiling – is a technology of the future of interior design as well as sufficiently practical and useful element of the interior of each apartment. Thanks to the air interlayer between the film and the ceiling, creating a special sound-proof space, and a special acoustic effect.

Ceiling-Art (Art Cerutti). Stretch Ceilings And Secure Environment

Ceiling-Art Company, representing the Russian market of system suspended ceilings Cerutti CT, the first business in the ceiling came to the American Association of USGBC (The Council for green buildings, USA). Members of this organization to develop his work popular conception of the idea of eco-business, which is most caring for the environment and human life. Products and technologies presented by member companies, are highly environmental component – their production process and bring the product to the end customer is always put at the heart of respect for nature and safety. For suspended ceilings in Russia – it is a novelty. Sign USGBC suggests that using the interior product Cerutti, the client and architect can get a certificate for the project LEED (certification of green technology). He gives the developer a number of benefits – increases level of prestige projects exempt from certain taxes (in the U.S. and Western Europe), and, most importantly, making our planet cleaner, and the existence of people – more comfortable. In Russia, the concept is only there, but I want believe that a growing number of designers, architects and designers in their work will be guided by the criteria of environmental safety. Stretch ceiling system Cerutti environmental safety all the way of the production chain – They are made from pure and harmless materials with advanced technology, its installation requires no warm-up of harmful gases guns (which is the main drawback of most suspended ceilings), their operation safe for humans. We will be happy if caring for the environment will become the norm in the finishing business in Russia, because often parts and materials do not even have the usual sanitary-epidemiological certificates. Creating a safe environment for residential and office space – our common goal to which we should strive constantly to keep in mind.