Last Time

It seems less exuberant to it, it is of certainty, it feels shame of that belly that with the time seems to bet in one teima to please the gravtica force, and the time says connosco thus. A last look, pegas now seems a rstia of lost dignity in that body, at the same time it starts to snore, at least it wants that she starts, knows that he will be only one second, but looks it with the passion of who knows that she will come back never it to find attractive. Plus lost steps, and boxers found in one I sing, untied a small shout of pleasure, something seemed, it he moves yourself again and it withdraws. Another time the history of the shout, that does not leave to it the head. With more lucidity the pants are placed with a fast movement, as dignity was existed to recoup in that instant. The shirt is dirty of lipstick, leaves to escape among teeth, one to break of words that if drown in the silence, four or five improprios that pronounces, in the hope to hide the unpleasantness that found. When it makes the last patrol to know if the penultimate one was objetive and successful, it passes a last time in front of the mirror, and for moments it finds in consequence one to look at that already it does not know, the body that if hurries to want to leave, as the will that has to look to one another one I, the shoes in the hand give the ridicule touch that the situation deserves, smiles and advances. When the door leaves to hear the sound of the crossbar that looks the rest position, as if proper it had found a whirl of fatigue in that night, the guilt left already it at the moment where it seemed to hear a small shout to it pulled out to the body that was, lying, sweated in the bed. A related site: Dropbox mentions similar findings.