Assistant For Web-developers

Active development is accompanied by the appearance of Runet large number of new sites. In the market of web-developers are more than one thousand companies, the staff of which ranges from 2 to 25 people. Web site development at Today is one of the most common types of entrepreneurial activity among young people. As is known, website creation consists of three main stages: creation of a design layout, coding HTML and CSS from PSD template creation engine site. With the advent of service Psd 2 Html Converter an opportunity to optimize the process of creating a site layout in PSD of the layout. This service has already found support among many web-developers. It helps to reduce time and cost of creating simple websites. Experienced developers that create complex sites can use this service to play the intermediate versions of the layout, to discuss with the customer multiple versions of the new site.

Using the service for automatic layout, you can get a block div layout design of the layout in less than 1 minute. However, automation of layout does not mean it does not require applying absolutely no effort. The program can not do everything, although its developers and seek to do so during the development of service PSD 2 HTML Converter. Before loading, the design layout are urged to read the rules and prepare a layout according to the recommendations of two service Psd Html Converter. After loading the design layout service PSD 2 HTML Converter automatically analyzes it. And if the user has missed something in its preparation, the service will tell you.

Thus, the user before your eyes is a list of actions that need to take to get through the service as a quality layout. Service alerts the user of such errors in the preparation of design models, such as: "The regime image is different from 8 bits / Channel . The mode is different from RGB . Layout contains layers with nerasterizovannymi effects. "" Use of standard Web fonts for body text. "and others.


It is possible to synchronize the folders on FTP / SFTP, incremental backups with timestamps and different versions of files. Plan can not only copy but also recovery. After creating a task, you can change all the settings. It is possible to run tasks in the service mode Windows. In general, a good and important, reliable tool.

It is also worth noting that the advanced version of Handy Backup Server Handy Backup Full and maintain your databases and even have special presets to backup MSSQL and MS Exchange Server. Given that other utilities provided with bases generally do not work, we can safely say that at the moment Handy Backup – the most advanced solution for file-copy data. Supported by writing to the following media: external hard drives, Zip, floppy, JAZ, MO, FireWire, USB, LAN, FTP, SFTP, CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray. Price on site Manufacturer: $ 39 Backup4All Standard version supports full and incremental backups the file system. But to copy a disk image program, in principle, not intended for. File copying is implemented not bad.

There is a possibility of rotation of backup, that is a repetition of full and incremental backups into a single task. There are three presets to backup the My Documents folder, Favorites, and My Pictures. Scheduler – one of the most advanced. It is possible to restore the files on a mask, but there is no possibility of recovery planning. As for recording media, the distinctive feature here – the ability to record on a USB-drives, such as Maxtor OneTouch. Supported by writing to the following media: external hard drives, Zip, floppy, JAZ, MO, LAN, FTP, SFTP, CD, DVD, integrated USB-disks, such as Maxtor OneTouch. The price of the manufacturer's site: $ 29.95 APB Backup can say that the creators of this tool is well managed only one – implement at least the backup without claiming to be something more. The whole process of creating the backup task is placed in six steps. No presets are not even smell. The ability to record at least for some carriers are not available. That is not at all clear where to save the backup. Moreover, there is no possibility of recovery as such. That is, the program creates a backup, but that's it you have to recover manually. Writing to the media does not. The price of the manufacturer's site: $ 39.95 Backup Manager is another tool to copy a file from the most basic level. Supports only full backups, with no possibility of overwriting backup files. Just as in the APB Backup, no possibility of recovery and recording media. Presets is also no. Writing to the media does not. The price of the manufacturer's site: $ 12.5 We have examined eight programs back copy. Which do you choose them – you decide! We only hope that this review will help you make the right decision.