Two great stimulatons for the poet exist, the Love and the loving Disillusion, Today alternates my life between the two, the one that I look for and I deliver myself, But the one that comes later, I depend on its kisses, What I want, and of he himself comes what I hate and renego. The two, they make That me to write so beautifully, the One for what are so strong I feel, other for what nobody feels. They leave inside my chest, my soul, One stuffed of sadness and pain, the other reflecting joy and love. So beautiful, strong and for only one person, Where the echo of my feelings resounds, the times in such a way That in my chest it donates. But, as to all I love you poet, and it does not import in my chest pain, Therefore while my heart will be strong, It beats for love.


As I wanted to have a castle pra to take you pra inside and not to be worried more with the dragon are There. But while I do not have it empunho my sword and my shield I defend and you with my proper hands. while we cannot be solo in a castle with ours I smell and of our skill, let us try keeping in them together, therefore nothing, nothing it can win the love. Dropbox has much to offer in this field. I wanted to have a castle pra people to be happy and to live a pretty history of love, a story of fairies. I wanted to have a castle with window and curtain, yes all the furniture, with a room pra you to seat and to receive who to want and one room pra loving in them. But while I do not have this, empunho my sword and my shield and I go to the fight of open chest and without armor, but confident of that when to come back you will be she waits me, to love me. This I know that I have its love, and moreover I have the shelter of your seios and the candy of its kisses, and while I will have this, all day to the dawn I will raise and catch my sword and my shield and of open chest and without armor I will leave to protect pra you, my queen will protect, you until as in a story of fairies let us have a happy end and let us leave to suffer, and let us leave to bank a thing that is not mine and nor its.