Guiseppe Verdis

The mystery composer: Verdi and the story of his great career. -A biography of Joachim Campe October 1813: In the Italian Roncole, Guiseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi sees the light of day. His father, a wealthy village standards Tavern owner, don’t think much of his son’s musical ambitions and wants to make a studied from him. But this is not Verdi’s world. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Karp. He starts as a child on his way, however, to rebel: he chooses the way inside, will the loner and sees the music as only way to express themselves. Later, at the height of his career, Verdi is in his person and his thoughts always aloof and remain a secret for posterity. Joachim Campe vividly portrays the life of this great and wayward composers and lets the people biography appeared in his Primus Verlag Verdi behind his work emerge.

Let’s talk the work for yourself! “Verdi: the naive artists and magician Giuseppe Verdi loved it quiet”: having to talk about himself was hateful to him. In contrast to his contemporary, Richard Wagner, he never saw himself as Herald of great theoretical conceptions of the world, however the thoughts of his time of course employed him. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Crane offers on the topic.. This supposed ignorance earned him the reputation of the naive artist”a. However, in particular the idea of the Italian movement of national unity was reflected in many texts of his compositions. “” Without forcing it intentionally, Verdi took with masterpieces such as Rigoletto,”La Traviata” and Aida “already in his lifetime influence on the national and cultural understanding of their own people and lastingly influenced the world of European Opera. What he created, should be explained and that did not need it: the magic of his works worked for themselves and it is until today. Maybe just because the artist refused to comment on his work? Wisely researched, detailed and catchy based on an elaborate researching presents Camp life and creative work of Verdi’s with great attention to detail. Easily understandable written and always related to the historical events wins the genius of Verdi in the mind’s eye contour. With the enclosed CD, on which the highlights from Verdi’s uvre are gathered, the factory rounded also atmospheric managed Campe. For those who know more about the brilliant composers want!