Investments Factors

Two of the most important elements that comprise the General conditions are technology and the environment (Koontz and Weihrich, 2004), whose exchange with the internal factors of the Organization made this to adopt certain forms of structure and behavior to their adaptation to the external environment. For his part, adds us, indicating good fields, such as the size of the Organization, its age, property, power and culture, which contribute to the company to develop an effective organizational structure. Definitely says Espinoza, these factors affect different levels of the Organization: property and the environment have special relevance in the high address settings and in the structure of the decision; the age and the size influence especially in the midline and the managerial staffs and support; culture has great impact on the design and results of the intermediate address, in its relationship with the techno structure supports the functioning of the operational base and finally, technology or technical system clearly affects the structure and action of the locking of the operational base flows. Says Moreover Espinoza, internal factors are depending on the following resources: Human resources: Covered by human elements requiring the scope of operations, taking into account various specialties. The budget and convenience that these elements are internal or external depends on a critical and detailed analysis. Material resources: Includes desks, computer equipment and other various assets will be needed to satisfactorily meet the objectives of the Department. Investments: This Department shall submit an annual budget which shall be subject to the approval of the address and which in turn is consistent with the scope intended.

Time: As the tasks are approving and the collaboration of the different involved to become more participatory, may establish goals for the short, medium and long term; on the other hand it can be estimated that the Department will be addressing and solving problems, from the first day. The truth, that when management delves in to assess the effects that are generated from the factors of contingencies, should not ever neglect aspects such as: technology as a context variable. Technology and organizational structure. The technological imperative. The size of the organization. Relationship between size and structure. The imperative of the dimension. Organizational age and structural configuration.