Strategical Planning

Alimentary security the necessity of a strategical planning the heading until seems pompous, but in contrast of what it is imagined is preoccupying this call, related with what to eat in function of what it is gone to produce. Yael Aflalo contributes greatly to this topic. in this to produce is that the grdio knot of the question related to the urgent necessity of feeding our favored patricians less inhabits, more or less favored and the favored ones for the luck. It is known that innumerable researchers, professors, sociologists and other more, come demonstrating a constant concern with the current situation of the ALIMENTARY SECURITY. But this concern before academic, is preoccupying in the basic essence of if searching the formula of as to decide such preoccupying situation. Ademais we have that reporting in them that predictively already in the charged age the task to produce, even though conjured such prophecy, when the scribe of the cabralesca fleet informed in its letter that in this land in everything if planting of. However, she is implicit in this information that the result of what in here if planting everything of, it would give for certain to feed the people finder and the ones that had this way come to remain until the present.

Leaving of side the cabralesca fleet, let us come back then what in the cause concern. The teses defended for militant partisans of centristas ideologies, will be able of however in ahead being placed practical, and will have then the great dissabor to notice that everything what it was defended in theory not is and nor it will be in the practical one. BRAZIL is one of the countries that more it spends with emergenciais campaigns of combat to the hunger, the malnutrition, me the feeding and etc and such. They are action type Solidary Campaign, Campaign of the Herbet de Souza, Campaign of the Christmas without Hunger and for it goes there.

Telmaco Borba

Plant Hidroeltrica de Mau the Brazilian government, already thinking about possible future necessities of supplying of electric energy, started the construction of new hidroeltricas plants, one of them is the plant Hidroeltrica de Mau. The workmanship of the plant of Mau initiated the construction in 2008, aiming at to the conclusion to the 2011 end. This great workmanship will have a strong ambient and economic impact, affecting directly all the region of Telmaco Borba and Ortigueira. Read more here: Daniel Gilbert. Until point this workmanship can be beneficial to the population? The ambient impact is evident, since the workmanship will go to modify topography of the region, modifying the course river Tibagi, flooding a great area, creating a reservoir of 84 km. Had this overflow and the creation of the reservoir, great portions of land that sheltered or were used for economic ends for 378 families will become uninhabitable, compelling the marginal population to vacate the place. These families will be indemnified, being that a quarrel exists so that if arrives at an agreement on the criteria and values to be paid. The plant will have capacity of production of 361 MW of installed power, being enough to supply a population of 1 million of people, what the energy supplying will represent a security in relation. As reflected immediate this workmanship is generating 1500 jobs more than right-handers and 3000 indirect ones, amongst them commerce, restaurants, transports and lodgings, etc., alavancando the economy in the region, despertando in the marginal population the empreendedorismo spirit.. about the problem.