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Christian REDL’s world record attempt in the Streckentauchen under ice – just beginning March 2009 we it again breathtaking. Christian Redl, one of the best-known and most successful Apnoe-(free) diving launches his latest project: Artic 2.0 – world record attempts in the Streckentauchen under ice. Location: Weissensee/Carinthia. On this day, on which an enormous influx of media are expected again, Christian Redl of sports world will again take your breath. in 2003, Christian Redl his 1st set world speed record. He showed incredible 90 feet under a 30 cm thick ice cover.

Some divers have tried in vain to break this record. In March 2009, Christian Redl will try to improve the own record at 100 meters. On the same day, Jaromir Foukal will try to surpass the existing world record of 43 meters, but without fins and breathing apparatus. 60 metres is the goal. Jaromir Foukal set in 2000 but a record of 65 meters with fins. An experienced team of backup divers available is for the safety of the divers. Furthermore is also a trained diving doctors on the spot to be.

This event is a media event. With the support of the region and numerous TV stations, the records throughout Europe will be to see. To the person: Christian REDL world record holder in freediving 3 world records in the Streckentauchen (under ice, through a cave) 2 world record in deep diving (caves) 2 Austrian records in free diving multiple NoN Sports Award winner top placements at various national and international free diving competitions, including World Championships completed projects: project ARCTIC world record in the Streckentauchen under ice with fins 90 meter world record in the Streckentauchen under ice scooter 150 m project CAVE world record in the Streckentauchen in a cave 101 meters project ANGELITA world record in deep diving in a cave 60 meters (constant) project THE PIT world record in deep diving in a cave 71 meters (variable) co-founder and member of the Austrian national team of underwater Icehockey books: free diving – my world in pictures Publisher: Verlag Edition No. Limits extreme sports – the last adventurer of this world Publisher: pietsch presentations: VOLVO sports design forum/the snow and ice challenge EPICON/extreme sports meets finance L & M investment/security from a different angle, Franklin Temple sound/what the extreme sports and financial services has in common HCI capital / various lectures in whole Germany media: interviews and reports in Austria and Germany (ORF, PRO7, SAT1, RTL, MTV, VIVA, ATV, ARTE, Puls TV, DSF), 350 TV channels worldwide! Over 300 newspaper articles in Austria (crowns newspaper, NoN, Vienna, Upper Austria Salzburger Nachrichten, standard, profile, news, format), magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, QG, sport magazine, Lamborgini magazine, etc. Other activities: Stuntman for Medicopter 117 actor for SOKO Donau can a sponsorship engagement in one of the most extreme sports: imagine apnea diving? Maybe fits this “long con” just on your company profile or product portfolio – or is just this extreme Entitlement also your ideas? Contact us at – we offer the exceptional. StrikezoneDortmund Kirsten Mach at the San Gil 67 Germany Germany Tel: 0049(0)231/759375 mobile: 0049(0)1786347905 email: we are a company that moves completely in the trend, extreme, and combat sports area. Our offers include sale of combat sports, the operation of a multimedia Web site, the art of organizing martial arts seminars also the promotion of events, coaching and sponsorship of fighters, fashion and extreme sports.