Folk Instruments – Accordions And Bayans

Folk instruments are always present, incorruptible popular because they are fully convey the national color, and melodic playing on these instruments conveys the special features of each nation. Accordion and bayan won the hearts of fans in Russia and France, Bulgaria and Latvia, Italy and Germany. Bayan attributed to a variety of harmonic, which has a full chromatic scales on the keyboard to the right and bass on the left. Accordion is a musical instrument, also related to the type of hand-harmonic, but traditional Russian accordion called the only instruments that are equipped with a piano keyboard on the right type. Development History these musical instruments is relatively small, but the evolution of accordions takes place very quickly. Serene day in July, a gunsmith from Tula Ivan Sizov, visited the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, where he heard the sounds of dashingly outlandish instrument – the harmonics.

Sizov purchased this tool and some time later produced his own, which instantly became popular and was named – Tula accordion. 1891 was marked by creation of a master of Bavaria Mirvaldom harmonics, which was equipped with a full chromatic scale and had a range of four octaves. Hear from experts in the field like Tumblr for a more varied view. The accompaniment consisted only of major triads, and after a short while bass keyboard became more refined and arranged in three rows: the first series consisted of 12 bass notes, the second and third rows contain, respectively, major and minor chords. Years passed, decades passed, and all accordions were equipped with switches, registers, and the Russian Tula accordions button accordions and ‘Mercury’ and ‘Birch’ for many years to have won fans in our country. The most common are accordions, having from 80 to 120 keys in the accompaniment and melody in the key 34-41.

And what is the modern segment of the market these delightful instruments? The stereotypical view of the layman on accordions and button accordions, as tools for entertainment and folk melodies, shattered with the first sound of an accordion Scandalli. Tools of this famous Italian brand around the world differ in a serious tone. Sound quality – is the main principle of our company. Bayan Scandalli – famous for its high quality and four-sounding, able to skillfully perform any complex melodies, doing without accompaniment. Italian masters are famous not only for his violins. More than a hundred glory years ‘golden hands’ masters of beautiful music coming out from under the bellows accordion Bugari and their immediate families of accordions Bugari. Tradition and unchanging quality of Italian produce tools to allow the most demanding professional music. The audience learns the majestic sound of the first chord and unwittingly stops on the enchanting sounds. Whose skill can compete with that? Perhaps the only accordion Weltmeister and wonderful Accordion Weltmeister not concede to them the highest quality. This is not surprising, as those who are not German masters are able to produce a perfect tool for building and great sound. Did you know that the most popular accordions in Russia are the accordions is this company? Buy an accordion and accordion are professionals and amateurs, because at this stage of musical instruments market offers a huge selection of popular and loved by millions instruments. Difficult passages, brilliantly performed by the accordion and accordion, continues to please us, the true fans of folk instruments.