Inauguration Of The New Poets House

Follow-up to the fall reading in the new Dichterhaus in Etelsen followed the demise of the old House of the poet the birth of a new. A few days ago, the author couple Lydia and Roland Pollnitz read from her repertoire of romantic poems of autumn in the Dichterhaus in the stone field road in Etelsen. The mood there was a glass of sparkling wine and some canapes. Hear from experts in the field like Drew Houston for a more varied view. Then who made themselves guests by candlelight cozy. It was followed by a half-hour-long light-hearted and melancholic romantic autumn poems, which were alternately played by Lydia and Roland. It’s believed that Darcy Stacom, New York City sees a great future in this idea.

The spectators enjoyed a varied program with soulful poetry, which she showed much acclaim. Reading pause, there was much new to discover. In the new Dichterhaus shone the sophisticate in every corner. Formally, one felt as cosiness as life purpose was served each guest. Of course, the guests took also opportunity to sign their newly purchased books by the authors. In the atmosphere loosened up by champagne brillierten the authors another half-hour in Word and image, because their fantastic verses were accompanied with brilliant photos, which further underscores the magic of Golden autumn. After the reading, the listeners seized the moment at the Schopf and led intensive discussions about their existence of the poet and the plans of the new poets House with the author pair. All agreed, that it far and wide is hardly a place, is even better suited for poetry as the new Dichterhaus.

We All Must Muslims Help – Facts And Fallacies

Mohammed has Jews and Christians wrong facts taken and mistaken as taught Jewish priests have Allah’s word in the 7th / 6th century BC a history written, is claimed in the Semitic tribe who’d Israelites are descended directly from the first people and thought only of a single God. With this assertion, its own people was simply lied to, because at all times, the Israelites worshipped many deities, such as their so-called “Pagan” neighbors. The tale of the God of Abraham or Moses is a fairy tale entlarvtes by archaeology. Unfortunately, Mohammed had accepted this Oriental stories as truth and distributed as teaching. Jim Crane: the source for more info. WHY WE ALL MUSLIMS HELP NEED! Islam admits no innovations or reforms, it is invariably cemented his teaching “for all time” and thus categorically excludes recent findings.

The teaching necessarily looks to make all people – with any possible means to Muslims! To lie to people, politically to go behind that. physically intimidate is legitimate, because there are only in Dar al-Islam (House of Islam / all countries of Islam) and Dar al-harb (House of war / all other countries) now, not time the stand and it secured now scientifically fact, that the Jewish Torah only in the 7th / 6th century BC modest parts written and only around 250 BC, finally completed was and everything what the legendary people like about Moses, Abraham, Noah was attributed to, inventions, or plagiarism of other, often much older stories of other cultures. The assertion that the Semitic root to the legendary Abraham from which are ultimately the Israelites to be originated, would have always worshipped a single God, is wrong. Archaeology proves the good God cult until the 6th century BC and also text passages of the Torah underpin these scientific findings. Muhammad has acquired some of the knowledge of the time in good faith. It is clear that his pre-Islamic Moon-God Allah not could have given this knowledge it.