Memory Card Support

Finally, e50 expected without a hardware keyboard, but with a 1.3 megapixel camera. We have already talked about models e60 and e61. Today hero of our story will be the older model e70. On the one hand, the presence of an alphabetic keyboard is quite powerful for camera phones, as well as support for all modern technologies promise to deliver this unit in a series top models. On the other hand, how well all this is done, how stably a smartphone, and in general – whether they are comfortable to use? Let's try to figure it out thoroughly. Appearance in contrast to his brother e61, which is due to its monstrous size might scare some of the buyers, Nokia e70 looks like the average cell phone, but the thickness of the shell in half to two times more than usual.

But this surprising, because the inside is a hardware keyboard. If your smartphone is in the folded position, the top is a button on and the main speaker, underneath the screen, function keys and a joystick, and finally numeric keypad, complete with the login button in the main menu, delete characters, and quick-change input language. In short, everything is quite standard. On the left side of the building there is a voice recorder button, if pressed briefly which the recording is an audio file of no more than a minute through an external microphone. Over a long press is voice dialing. This button is very easy to accidentally depression, but does not block it, so gradually in the device collects a large amount of 'random' sounds. Main technical characteristics of Nokia e70: Support networks – egsm 900, gsm 1800, gsm 1900 and wcdma (3GPP Release 4) Data Transfer – egprs (Class B, msc 10), gprs Multislot Class 10, wlan 802.11g, 802.11e and 802.11i, Bluetooth 2.0, wap 2.0, ir port Operating System – Symbian 9.1 Support for Java – midp 2.0 Built-in memory – 65 mb Memory Card Support – miniSD Battery – Li-Ion 1150 mAh Display – 352×416 pixels, 16 million colors Size – 117 x 53 x 22 mm Weight – 127 g

Settings GPRS And Pocket PC

These settings work on the following models of Motorola: V360, E398, rokr E1, L6, slvr L7, razr V3, V3i, pebl U6. Menu -> Internet Options -> WEB-session -> New Record -> Name: mts GPRS-Internet -> Home: Any such -> servisa1 Type: http -> IP-Address1: . -> PORT1: 9201 -> domain1: empty -> servisa2 Type: http -> IP-Address2: -> Port2: 9201 -> DNS1: -> DNS2: -> Standby time: 15 minutes.

-> CSD1: empty -> Name1: empty -> Parol1: empty -> Speed (Bps) 1: 9600 -> Type linii1: Modem -> CSD2: empty -> name2: empty -> Parol2: empty -> Speed (Bps) 2: 9600 -> Type linii2: Modem -> gprs APN: -> User name: mts -> Password: mts -> Finish -> Menu button -> Set Default. Settings for Pocket PC: Make a new connection name, for example, mts. Select a modem: bluetooth dialup modem. Phone number: * 99 *** 1 # Username Password mts mts in the advanced properties select additional modem initialization string: + cgdcont = 1, 'IP', '' Then click on the tabs: Get the IP-address automatically Obtain DNS-server address automatically ready!

Tunes Also

Controllers and plugs the iPhone 4 remained in the same place, but the controllers and the sound button Home, require a confident touch, which eliminates accidental presses. Memory in the settings menu iPhone 'General / About / Capacity', find the information that has 3G S 3.29 GB of user memory, and the iPhone 4 1.29 GB of memory. When you connect both the phone to iTunes, you get the information that S actually has 29.33 GB iPhone 4 and only 6.29 GB. But this difference is approximately 270 MB. Many are counting on a 64 gigabyte iPhone version 4, because memory constraints for many does not look acceptable. Display Retina Many talk about FaceTime, but a new screen Retina is a more significant improvement.

Screen Apple iPhone 4 Retina size 960 640 pixels has a slight greenish tint, in differs from the cold blue tint 3G S, which is most noticeable on a white background of web pages on their faces, and against the clear sky. But the more pixels the screen Retina made a big difference in the mapping of small parts and sharp edges on images and video. It is also important that the iPhone screen 4 has a rich black color (especially noticeable when comparing the iPhone 4 and S off), the colors more vivid and higher contrast than ever before. But the 3.5-inch screen iPhone, looks small in the expanding world of 4-inch screen smartphones. Integrating iTunes Also, as for photos, the latest version of iTunes allows you to convert files to AAC and MP3 with a higher bit rate to 128 Kbps AAC files for use only the iPhone.