Hand Care

It's no secret that our hands are in need of care, as well as robust security, when we work, are engaged in cleaning, construction, or are dealing with an aggressive environment. Work gloves – a reliable aide in the protection of our hands, especially if the gloves are made from high quality raw materials, are durable and conform to state standards. Manufacturers and sellers of gloves ready to offer us a myriad of different gloves and work gloves, diverse composition of the material from which they are made, production technology, the kind of protection from external influences, their scope, etc. In everyday life we are accustomed to using library "Universal glove." We dig their potatoes, clean and disinfect our house, carrying building materials, paint a fence, etc. But such "universality" of gloves often to the detriment of the efficiency of their protection. Practice shows that in some cases it makes sense to overpay for quality goods, so do not verify the consequences of using poor quality equipment. How correctly oriented in a variety of protection hands? What should be the gloves? What requirements must meet working gloves? How to choose gloves? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a small list of requirements to be met by friendly and quality gloves: gloves should be made of quality materials using advanced manufacturing technologies; Protect your hands with delivering discomfort; does not degrade the tactile (Perceived by the subject) when working with small parts or fragile items; allow air and provide adequate ventilation and; comply with GOST; match the size of their hands and not deform under prolonged use; Gloves should provide maximum protection against mechanical impacts, as well as other external factors, given the specificity of specialized gloves. When selecting gloves, carefully study the labels and information on the packaging of goods..