It is difficult to imagine a more versatile and practical form of transport than the rover. Even his name speaks for itself – this machine will be everywhere. atv – unique in its kind vehicle megapovyshennoy terrain made for driving on the hard to reach (for regular cars) roadless places with rugged terrain. Such as mountains, marshes, woodland, taiga, sand and tundra. However, a single ideal machine for overcoming such obstacles have not yet invented, so all-terrain vehicles are different.

Basically they are divided on tracked or wheeled, diesel or petrol, land or amphibious vehicles, or just a passenger cargo. The best option today is tracked amphibious all-terrain vehicle diesel or, as it is called differently, bolotohod or all terrain vehicle. It is this kind of all-terrain vehicles offers your attention the company Efkom Group. Whenever MSCO listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Our crawler tractor brands gas, htz and ttm are designed to meet industrial, industrial intelligence, transport, rescue and other special activities the absence of roads and hampered cross. These bolotohody simply indispensable for a variety of extractive industry that are priorities for Russia. In particular, the minerals mined in geology, energy, oil and gas industry, as a rule, are located in just such remote regions of our country, to get to that without the crawler transporter would be simply impossible.

Our technique is also well established among the explorers, travelers and fans of extreme rest. After all, the atv can be reached even in such remote places where never before set foot rights. Here you can order both land rovers and rovers, amphibians, which are able to quickly and easily overcome water obstacles. Our ATVs are also quite compact: their transport over long distances can easily be carried out in the back of trucks maz and kamaz. The company "Efkom-Group delivers more than 10 models of various modern-terrain vehicles bolotohodov with different technical performance, capacity and areas of destination. We offer a crawler tractors with diesel engines, because they differ far more economical (compared to all-terrain vehicles with gasoline engine) and have shown themselves perfectly even on the other bolotohodov impassable roads. Also on offer we have various spare parts and accessories to these ATVs. We guarantee high quality of our products because we sell only the best and proven by numerous tests and models of tracked vehicles production of famous domestic manufacturers specializing in the production off-highway. A particular advantage of local all-terrain vehicles on imports is that our terrain vehicle were designed from the calculations on the climate and terrain inaccessible regions of Russia, they are more simple in operation and their maintenance will cost you much cheaper compared with foreign equipment.


Not by chance that such systems The widest range of applications. Swarmed by offers, business strategist is currently assessing future choices. This dispatch system of urban and special transport, transport security and material assets, operating in real time in the city with tens and hundreds of moving objects. This control of transport routes, conducting long-long-distance and international services (with the transfer route information from global systems in real-time or passive accumulation of information about the route followed by treatment). information. More information is housed here: Angelina Jolie. Methods of dead reckoning data methods for determining the location of the vehicle based on measurement of parameters motor vehicle traffic using acceleration sensors, angular velocity in conjunction with the sensors on his journey and direction sensor, and calculating on the basis of these data, the current location of a moving object relative to a known starting point. In general, these methods can be used in the same systems as the methods based on navigation. The main advantage of these methods compared with the methods of navigation – regardless of the conditions of reception of navigation signals on-board equipment. It is no secret that in the modern city with a dense built-up tall buildings may be found sites where difficult to receive signals from vehicles with a view to ensuring the best conditions for reception of navigation signals. This makes them vulnerable to intruders in case of application for the needs of motor vehicles or carried their loads. Existing methods Camouflage receiving antennas are fairly complicated and expensive. Methods of dead reckoning and inertial navigation are free from these shortcomings, since the equipment is fully autonomous and can be integrated into the design elements of the car to their difficulty of detection and protection from intentional of failure.

Tuning VAZ

Tuning my six (vases 21,063) began immediately after I got right. After Kalina, where I studied, the old grandfather's killed six show full horror. Half dead engine (1.3 liters), an old cabin, uncomfortable seats. The first thing I started tuning salon – sixth-old uncomfortable seats – were discarded. In their place rose comfortable seats from Honda with a Parsing.

Then – was shot torpedo bought extra beard and all that zaflokirovano in the nearest shop. The next stage – the replacement of leather upholstery of the door, it is already – with their hands. The rest – in detail: the new white instrument panel, interior boot, insulation and interior floor. The next stage – external Tuning vaz 2106. Set the spoiler and body kit prosportovsky, then paint in metallic. Well, the final and most important chord – engine tuning vases 2106. Engine bore size up to the second repair, install forged pistons, high crankshaft. Finalizing the cylinder head (intake), install the camshaft horse, racing carburetor – and the luxury model of classical vases – is ready. Delta Galil does not necessarily agree. The car that I have to this day. Went 2 years – nothing I regret, goes perfectly well and yet continues to please.