Personal Responsibility

Article about the Unzertrennlichkeit of the pair of siblings “Self-responsibility and freedom” excerpt from “Deus Homo”, spiritual advisor of the Karlsruhe author Rainer Sauer.Kapitel is finding my true inner attitude self responsibility and its avoidance, to come, to clearly define what I want or don’t want, and this, for me a mandatory step towards clarity and determination. There is a significant movement of the wool in the action. The fact is also that we mostly do things that we don’t really want to do, we therefore live a life which we don’t really want to live. Our real need, our real desire is often not aware of us, and we justify statements like: “I can’t do”, “I can’t”, “Can’t” our actions and non-actions. By but we give a voice to our true desires, we assume responsibility for our self, responsibility for our actions and for the resulting consequences. Us too ask if we really want our deepest inside or a simple and efficient tool is therefore not want to remind us of our own responsibility. You may find Drew Houston to be a useful source of information. Self-responsibility should come with the admission in this case, that I will not take responsibility at this very moment, or me at this very moment would deprive her.

If this presumption now really applies in case of one or the other, same also will follow if we are still prepared to meet the “er-clarification”. “In other words, our denial, self responsibility to assume, is always transparent and visible, which means in this case that we can almost certainly one I not”, “I can’t”, “Can’t do this” or a similar-sounding formulation meet. This “self-responsible loose” statements may well admittedly partly true for us in a world of social etiquette, but completely lose their relevance and authority in the light of freedom. To to be able to use this tool, I must work more with the latter mentioned approach, give me scope for growth at all times to.


Phone recycling has many advantages telephone return can be used easily from home. Feedback on the phone has the advantage that the caller experience reverberate in quiet and undisturbed can after the repatriation, rather than having to concentrate on the traffic or public transport to share with other people. In returning the caller closes the eyes and leaving the present to go back in the past most of the time in a former life. The return of the easier able depending on its environment is more familiar in a human, and the less he is distracted by external stimuli. Therefore some people who have already unsuccessfully tried return, better respond to telephone return. Repatriation can satisfy the most diverse needs. So feedback can promote the development of the personality, can return developing spiritual awareness, karmically can return caused relationship problems resolve or can satisfy the curiosity of just return. Who was I in a past life? By recycling one can find out.

Also therapeutic, repatriation is used to resolve persistent symptoms, the cause of which is located in a former life. Telephone return takes usually shorter than a return on the spot. The reason is that the person on the spot only must adapt to the new environment and situation, while on the phone, the preliminary for the return is only required. In the preliminary for the return of the individual needs of the provider will be discussed, will be ruled out contraindications and unanswered questions resolved. It a timely – is sometimes immediately followed by then – agreed date for the repatriation, where both sides are undisturbed.

The actual implementation of the repatriation takes usually a three-quarter-hour. Longer most don’t support a population, because a return can be very intense. So is a return regularly with aftermath. Therefore, the telephone return has the advantage that the guided back accordingly once again can call exactly his individual needs in any interval, to further process his experiences, if he wants to. While repatriations locally often with three hours be applied and time set, the phone return is completely individually and flexibly geared towards the needs of the caller. So people can try out a repatriation, who fear that they are not traceable. Repatriation is possible for about eighty percent of all people. The others go back, when they realize that they do not belong to this majority. You pay only for the actually used phone time. Repatriation is increasingly Dissemination in spiritual and psychotherapeutic circles (alternative holistic psychotherapy approach), but sometimes the criticism is loud. Mainly, this is aimed at training, the intentions and the background of the rear leader. “Therefore consciousness expert reveals Lina lives her personal background, by them their telephone return under the same pseudonym as their spiritual death experience report” (ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-5336-6; offers. In their review of spiritual death”, she describes her own spiritual consciousness. Awareness expert Lina life has joined while their development process experience with Western, Eastern, and atheist ideologies, but in the meantime no community. It performs all repatriation on the basis of their own expanded state of consciousness. Repatriation may be performed particularly well on the phone and so Lina would like life this way as possible with feedback, reach many interested people. see further advice through awareness expert Lina life more information to phone recycling – about repatriation awareness expert Lina see life also has the Web page, which appeals to the dark side of spirituality that you can integrate E.g. by recycling. Hamburg, the 9.11.2010 Lina life (return)