Steel Boxers

Calvin klein has returned to make a difference, this time CK steel brings us a message clear we are the best and here we are. When a few boxers are fashion pirates tend to copy the clothes to make a profit and when they do that is because there are really it. but not only that is what makes them special, a clearly focused design and brand image to a public young are their best weapons. CK manufactures two lines man and woman and they offer lots of colorful designs, surely that one I liked, the price is between 28 and 32 euros and not I can complain of comfort since the brand has designed the lines you will notice the difference between other products of lower quality and lower price, but it is best you probeis for yourselves sure they liked you, as the last annotation I wanted to say that you have not by that buy like crazy or that is a good brand, you ought to do a reflection and see if fits your pocket and if what you do for convenience or for other things..