Solatera Energy

Solatera energy AG has officially a representation in Cameroon appointed St. Gallen – Solatera energy AG has officially appointed a representative in Cameroon the 01.09.2009 and with Wolfgang Heilmann, 53 years, entered into a cooperation agreement for Cameroon and neighbouring countries. Wolfgang Heilmann is technically trained and committed particularly power generation through solar power for the black continent. I am of the opinion that the Solatera solar panel is a solution for many energy problems in Cameroon. And with this solution can sustainably be worked on the development of the economy”, is the comment of the first official Solatera representative in Africa.

My partner and I want to make for a wide use of solar panels. Solatera said to especially be hospitals, kindergartens and schools, once series production runs. I have seen the Panel tested and am thrilled. As soon as the first project was realized, I will use my connections in Cameroon and recommend the Solatera solar panel.” Solatera energy AG Jason Stewart