Service Center GmbH TuV South

TuV SuD confirms high quality standard of the Berlin ubersetzungsdienstleisters Berlin. As the first translation was the document Service Center GmbH TuV South for their integrated quality management system at the same time according to DIN EN 15038 and ISO 9001:2008 certified. While the DIN standard for translation service providers access and describes central requirements for the project management, criteria for quality management systems are defined by the ISO standard generally. The Berlin-based company fully met the standards catalogue associated. To do this, says Markus Kukla, senior auditor at the TuV SuD product service GmbH: the document service center has presented us as a translation agency with exceptional technological expertise.

The combination of self-programmed and industry-standard software solutions, as well as the well-established teams have convinced us of the performance.” The Berlin translation document service Center performs translations since 1997 for the technical communication and documentation. Customers include industry leaders and companies from the automotive sector, the IT & technology sector and electrical environment. This partly long-standing cooperation is characterized by flexible, customised solutions and high-quality translations. This is a strong in-house team of technical and linguistic experts available in the document service center. Currently over 120 jobs, translations using cutting-edge translation tools are created according to the requirements of the internationally operating clients. A professional project and quality management, ensuring that even very large multilingual translation projects efficiently implemented and complied with authentic promised delivery dates. With the certification according to DIN EN 15038 and ISO 9001:2008 is the high quality of the document Service Center now by officials, confirmed by TuV SuD. Just for German companies, whose export volume is still very high, are the quality of translations, as well as the seamless integration into the production processes of central interest. “In a dynamic industry environment, we see the certification as an important step in the further development of our portfolio and also to new target groups to be addressed”, Andreas Siegmund, Managing Director of document Service Center GmbH commented at the same time underlines the certification also our corporate philosophy and the partnership relationship with our customers.