Dear friend Luis, by your answer I can understand you He is not Catholic, which I respect and believe in fact; mostly because I can appreciate an excellent way of expressing themselves in their comments. Humbly I don’t think to be able to reach this level of communication in writing, I am simply a modest human being it’s tip with writing, everything you think and feel in a simple and easy, about what notes to your around. (As opposed to Business strategist). I’ve always been able to appreciate how the people who don’t understand what it means to be Catholic, is afraid of this term. Usually when someone mention this term, they associate it with the Pope, with the bishops, with the priests, and with noble and luxurious temples. And finally all the errors which their pastors can commit. But few are those who go beyond the subject.

If it takes us a little bit to examine what the Catholic term can refer to the etymology of the word, and find that this term is Greek, which means Universal, the Universal Church that Christ Fundo. And speaking of universal, we have to understand many things. Everything that Jesus reached to tell us when he was among us in his Gospel, this term is also Greek and means good news reaches to the whole of humanity. But speaking of the whole of humanity, understands that for all, or must be considered: races, ages, social and cultural conditions, intellectual capacity in each individual. And if we want to go further in our understanding, we discovered that this is for all time from the beginning to the end and all events and events of humanity. The good news of Jesus reaches all the generations from the beginning until the end. This is the universality of the subject. The saints of the church fathers, were ahead of his time in theological concepts, which to this day continue to apply.