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A response from RatgeberNews blog on the SWR 2 Forum broadcast from November 17, 2008 on the topic “Education as spiritual director?” with the conversation participants Michael Grandt and Henning Kullak-Ublick dedicated to Southwest Radio SWR 2 Forum on November 17 under the moderation of Ralf Caspary one three-quarters of an hour of Waldorf Education under the title: “Education as spiritual director?”. Click Mark Stevens to learn more. Participants were Michael Grandt, the author of the “black book Waldorf”, and Henning Kullak-Ublick, Board member of the “Federation of free Waldorf schools”. Interesting, the conversation for each listener proved since evaded obviously all specific questions which were put to him, Kullak-Ublick. Learn more at: Anita Sehgal. Grandt appeared as a strong voice of many previously unheard former whale village student, had told him in writing from their own negative experiences. Grandt could harden its position, because there was no clear and plausible rebuttals for his statements on the part of Kullak-Ublicks. The content of the conversation focused the again and again to the question Science of Waldorf Education and to what extent the esoteric occult beliefs of Rudolf Steiners and his teachings (anthroposophy) in whale village school teachers would apply. Responses from Kullack Ublick could lead only to the result for the listener that there could be no clarification about that because institution tried on the one hand understand to make that one very well must consider the teachings of Steiner’s science, even if she was psychic origin; on the other hand, he stressed however that anthroposophy in the entire Waldorf would have no effect, or nowhere to belong to the teaching. I believe that each listener was aware that it’s a dichotomy must be exposed to the Kullak Ublick.

There is a real distance to the Steiner’s esoteric and thus the unscientific theories of psychic “shower”, who was the founder of Waldorf Education, or keeping exactly to these theses and trying it on bending and breaking in a modern scientific approach to dress, to find general acceptance. To claim both I can’t but believe. Thus, it was once again clear that Waldorf Education may be not in progressive schools, as long as it is for anyone to comprehend that a person (Rudolf Steiner and thus his statements) plays today a parent role. Despite the efforts of common sense you can never let him apply as empirical scientists. Current studies or studies with scientific background who want to convince the opposite give a different opinion because in my personal opinion (even if Mr Kullak-Ublick look that supposedly very different / want to see and this should have a different view). Udo’s houses