Physical Health

According to a study conducted by psychiatrist William Fry, laughter is not only a practice that we realisamos in order to gain pleasure. According to esxplica in his work, laugh about 30 times a day keeps optimal status is to our physical and mental health. The prestigious doctor claims that when we laugh, we use more than 400 muscles! In each laugh, use muscles in the shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs, arms, many others more. As a result, the heart rate accelerates and increases the oxygen in our lungs. The study showed also, surprising data. Laughter eliminates insomnia, stress, increases self-esteem, develops creativity, enhances the immune system, increases the body release of endorphin what calms headaches in sufferers and relaxes muscles aliminando accumulated tensions. As a result more outstanding, can be mentioned which obtained in depressive patients, which improved by leaps and bounds, with regard to those who were not laughing.All this has made the concept of laughter increasingly more involved in modern medicine. In fact, there are hospitals that employ comedians to make laugh to their patients. By naturopathic medicine, therapy is also known as the famous laughter therapy and effective.