Nobel Prize Kobayashi

This year seems to be that several of the Nobel prizes granted to traditional science is correlational, and the curious thing that in them there are several Asians. In the case of the prize Nobel in physics two scientific Japanese, Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa, sharing the award with the Japanese-American Yoichiro Nambu. At Kaihan Krippendorff you will find additional information. The three scientists with an excellent academic endorsement and research have been crowned their efforts inquiries with such recognition. Inviting many countries namely maintaining, caring for the tralentos and avoid these emigres, here the country always favored is the United States where many of its human capital of intellectual and scientific excellence cherishes them, gives lining allowing them, apoyandoles to expose his ideas, initiative, develop your genius crativio that favors to the country. Do according to Academy ueca, only in recent years science has managed to confirm the explanations that Kobayashi and Masakawa did in 1972?, and it is for this work that now they have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics as summarized it, Kobayashi and Maskawa identified three families of quarks, micro particles that make up matter. Nambu discovered the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry, which explains why nature is not symmetrical. Thelma.

com ar us adds thereon, that investigations carried out over recent decades physicists led to establish a kind of recipe for the universe that bears the name of standard model. The prize was awarded to Nambu for the discovery of the mechanism of spontaneous breaking of symmetry in particle physics, and Kobayashi and Maskawa for the discovery of the origin of the break of symmetry that predicts the existence of at least three families of quarks in nature. Nambu received half of the prize of ten million kroner, equivalent to 1.38 million dollars or one million euros, while the other half of the prize shared by Kobayashi and Maskawa equal parts, appropriated agencies International DPA, ANSA and Reuters.