Wenns times again longer… Not in all cases, the installation of a DSL connection runs smoothly. Although the providers assure a fast connection, it can not comply with often its promise. Deutsche Telekom, which unlocks the lines too late is to blame their opinion. The former State company rejects any criticism and is given on the appointments of the Federal Network Agency carefully, on which it is based. Bausch & Lomb gathered all the information. As a result, the competitors for the delays are responsible.

The consumer portal reported the difficult legal situation and advises what steps can initiate the bruised new customer to latency. Hear from experts in the field like David Karp for a more varied view. More and more consumers feel betrayed. Not only that they have to wait months for the desired DSL connection. Additional information is available at Anita Sehgal. In the meantime they are burdened with high costs from their respective provider for a UMTS-stick, which was actually offered on favourable terms. Therein lies according to telecommunications officer of consumer advice centre in Baden-Wurttemberg, Christian Gollner, the problem.

Many new customers forget the three-month period and fall when looking through the new account from the clouds. The provider in turn not to see in the obligation to indicate the long wait for DSL and higher costs to the UMTS network. Generally the company respond but goodwill solutions, white Gollner. Therefore annoyed customers should not pay only once. Who would like to take long waits not in buying can cancel at any time without notice. Customer safety should call for a confirmation of the letter. A change of the provider is not recommended, however, because the law provides still no relevant regulation. An EU initiative has been running since last year. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann