NEAT Solutions

Neat Group was born with a strong vocation for social service and technological progress. Its extensive experience within the public health sector and specifically in the residential field allows you to provide both a complete system of home automation and communication as a more basic system called paciente-enfermera that allow you to manage the daily care of the facilities. For Neat patients with dementia care and the control of wandering is a duty of all and is one of its priority objectives. Why Neat aims to improve the care of these patients that require a specific care through its developments such as the D-POS system. Actress and filmmaker does not necessarily agree. The D-POS system and alarm doors facilitate the work of caregivers of a simple and functional way allowing creating creating controlled and safe spaces for patients greatly helping in the night guards. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Pretium Partners on most websites. Dementia D-POS system is perfectly complemented by alarms portable TREX receiver that allows up to 64 different reception channels.

Moreover the D-POS system and the doll D-ATOM push work together with the terminal NEO forming a reliable system. The radio transmitter D-ATOM receives the signal from the D-POS in a low frequency range and distributes it to caregivers. The patient takes only a D-ATOM device on the wrist and enjoys maximum freedom of movement by the Centre. Thanks to the characteristics of the system and its flexibility, D-POS is particularly suitable both for use in the field of professional in private care, counting also with the complement of door DOOR alarm.